In 26 years working in the field of media and communications for development, Panos London produced a wealth of journalism, information and resources, shedding light on underreported issues and amplifying the voice of the poor and the marginalised. It also contributed in building a global network of Panos Institutes.


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"Panos London led the way in highlighting the rapid spread of HIV in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world when few were paying attention. It advocated for the importance of developing-country-led thinking and analysis and in doing so, it played an essential part in changing the way that development is practised."

James Deane, Head of Policy BBC Media Action and a founder of Panos London.

"Media in India has always been less than fair to us Dalit women. Unless something destructive happens, we do not count.

Panos London made me feel counted. It has shown me how we can also change mindsets by sharing our stories."

Mary Madiga, Dalit activist and blogger, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Timeline 1986-2013


Panos London established

Improvisation and audacity characterized Panos London. Its founding members begged, borrowed, and called in favours to get the charity off the ground. Initially an environmental organization, it quickly gained a reputation for working on controversial issues such as the rapid escalation of the HIV epidemic in poor countries. Read an account of Panos London's earliest days


'AIDS and the third world'

AIDS and the Third World was Panos's first investigation into the HIV/AIDS epidemic when little was known about its likely impact. Tens of thousands of copies were published in several languages. This groundbreaking study looked at the impact of HIV and AIDS on the world's poorest people. In 1987, the disease was highly stigmatized across both developed and less developed countries. Read an account of the Panos London AIDS programme


Panos features service launched

These in-depth, analytical features were translated into 50 languages, and alerted millions worldwide to the global influence of environmental and social issues. Internationalist in outlook, Panos Features ensured Brazilian journalists were published in Bangladesh, Tanzanians in Barbados, Sri Lankans in Chile, Nigerians in Finland, and Zambians in Indonesia, to name but a few. The service continued until 2004. Read Panos features

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'Triple Jeopardy - Women and AIDS'

This dossier, published to mark World AIDS Day 1990, marked an important step in the debate around HIV and AIDS. It treated AIDS as much more than a medical issue and raised many of the fundamental questions of equity – between the sexes and between regions of the world – at the heart of the development debate. Read more

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'Miracle or menace? Biotech and the third world'

Ahead of its time, this Panos environmental dossier, written by Robert Walgate, spells out the implications of biotechnology for development countries, and asked "in whose interest is it being developed?" Read more

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'At the Desert's Edge, Oral testimony from the Sahel'

A collaboration between Panos and SOS Sahel, this book explored the culture, history and environment of the Sahel through the recollections of over 500 men and women who live there. Read the oral testimonies

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'Arms to fight. Arms to protect'

An oral testimony collection featured interviews with women in 12 countries living through the wars of the 1980s and 1990s and their aftermath. Read more

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'Listening for a change, Oral Testimony and development'

This book set out the oral testimony approach as pioneered by Panos. Oral testimony recorded the fine details of people's lives using active listening and encouraging the interviewee to dictate the direction of the interview. Its aim was to show planners and politicians what it felt like to be at the sharp end of development. Read 'Listening for a Change'

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'Private decisions, public debate - women, reproduction and population'

Winner of Global Media Award for excellence in journalism, this book was published to coincide with the United Nations Cairo International Conference on Population and Development. Fifteen journalists from Africa, Asia and Latin America reported on subjects as diverse as female genital mutilation, unauthorized sterilizations, untreated STDs, HIV infection and the influence of Catholicism and Islam and how they affect reproductive decision-making. Read more here

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'On the margins: Men who have sex with men and HIV in the developing world'

This taboo-busting dossier produced by Panos and the Norwegian Red Cross tackled a subject which mainstream media was reluctant to tackle and many NGOs were slow to pick up on. Read more

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Panos Pictures is launched

Panos Pictures, which started life as the photographic wing of Panos, was established, in 1997, as a commercial agency by its director Adrian Evans. Pursuing stories beyond the contemporary media agenda, it continues to win awards and plaudits.

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Regional offices opened

In 1996 Panos opened a regional office in Lusaka, Zambia with regional offices in Kathmandu, Nepal and in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia following in 1997. Learn more about the network


'AIDS and men'

This agenda-setting publication examined the relationship between men's actions and HIV and AIDS around the world. Read more


'Giving voice'

Panos published these practical - and still relevant - guidelines for implementing oral testimony projects. Read more

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Mountain Voices

A collection of interviews with over 350 people living in mountain and highland regions round the world. For background information, to learn more about participants, and to get access to the full transcripts visit

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Interworld radio

Panos and launched an online content-sharing network, providing free radio programmes, support and advice to other radio professionals worldwide. Radio stations in the global North and South gained access to the voices of people affected by global issues worldwide, while talented radio journalists in developing countries gained training, experience and exposure.

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'Just a lot of hot air? A close look at the Climate Change Convention'

As this timely briefing recognised, fossil fuels have long been crucial to the debate about wealth and development. It highlighted the issues, concerns, possibilities and dangers of global climate change negotiations. Read more

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'Missing the message'

Calling for greater participation and accountability in the fight against HIV by those living with the virus, its message was clearly and widely heard. Read more

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Panos Eastern Africa

Panos Eastern Africa became the final regional office to gain autonomy.


At the heart of change

Our landmark document set out the importance of communication in achieving international development goals.


Rural voices

IFAD produced their 10-yearly Rural Poverty Report using the expertise of people living in poverty showing how widely Panos's oral testimony method had been embraced.


Our legacy

Visit our blog to read more about our legacy.

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What we achieved

1,327 testimonies

gathered by Panos London
from people across 38 countries describing their experience of living through poverty and conflict.

10,000 journalists

trained, supported, mentored and inspired from over 85 different countries.

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26 years

of publishing groundbreaking books and documents.

6 continents

Panos London worked across six continents across more than 85 countries.


of radio programmes produced that were broadcast across the internet, community and national radio stations globally.

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of news and feature articles.

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of readers, viewers and listeners reached across the globe.

Highlighted projects

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Relay: communicating research

The Relay programme brought researchers and journalists together to improve media coverage of critical development issues in collaboration with Panos Network institutes in Eastern and Southern Africa and South Asia. The project piloted, adapted and consolidated an approach to build the capacity of editors, journalists and researchers to improve uptake of research in collaboration with Panos Network institutes.

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Linking southern journalists with European media

This project nurtured and supported up-and-coming journalists in developing countries – helping them to contribute stories to the media in UK, Spain, Sweden and Poland. Hundreds of articles were published in the UK, Sweden, Spain and Poland on subjects ranging from Delhi’s first female taxi drivers to HIV and children.

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Climate Change Media Partnership

Panos joined forces with Internews and IIED to report from the heart of the international climate negotiations. Journalists from Asia, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Latin America took part in fellowship programme designed to improve media coverage of climate change issues in developing countries.

The Panos Network

The Panos Institutes - Great Lakes, West Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, South Asia, Caribbean - are now a Global South network of independent institutes, bound by a common commitment to sustainable development and increased pluralism, that strives to foster public debate, pluralism and democracy.