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Watch the ‘be included’ challenge films

The filmmakers receive their challenge - to create a short film around marginalized voices in just 72 hours | Panos London

On Thursday 2nd February we challenged five student filmmakers to create a short film around marginalised voices, as part of the Student Film Festival London events. Who should be included in the UK media?

This week it’s your chance to say what you think about these five great films as we put them to a public vote. The winning filmmaker will be awarded a residency at Panos London to learn more about our work, particularly in terms of the use of participatory approaches to media and communication.

To vote, click on the link of your favourite film to be directed to and then “become a fan” of that film. And please let us know why you like it – we’d love to hear what you think.

Better Man

by Paul Harraby


Please seek assistance

by Georgiana Gabriela



by Oliver Smith


Notice the Parents

By Rebecca Holtom


Who Cares?

By Hamza Himdy and Haneefa Armstrong

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