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Annual review and trustee report 2004/5

Mali: Tuareg girl with a radio / Clive Shirley - Panos Pictures

Communication: the pulse of development

Communication is part of the fabric of all societies. Free, open, inclusive, participatory information, communication and media channels are the lifeblood of political discourse, a prerequisite for efficient and effective economies, and a crucial element of social change – in Lusaka as in London, in Lahore as in Los Angeles.

Panos London believes that accessing and promoting dialogue and debate by ordinary people in the developing world on the issues which profoundly affect their lives is integral to successful development.

We promote the role of communication in development in its own right, and as an essential component in finding effective solutions to the critical development challenges and issues of our day: globalisation, HIV/AIDS and other health threats, the environment and conflict.

In 2004 and the first quarter of 2005, Panos London went through a period of rapid change in order to meet these challenges. We also received important recognition of our work when the UK government’s Department for International Development agreed a new six-year funding agreement to support the global Panos network.

We are committed to making an ever more effective case that communication really is the ‘pulse’ of development and to promoting the voices of poor and marginalised communities in the developing world.


Annual report 2004/5 (2mb)

Panos London trustees' annual report and accounts 2004