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Annual review and trustee report 2006/7

India: Rajasthan's first female solar engineer who studied at night school from the age of 11/Robert Wallis - Panos Pictures

At Panos London we believe that the voices of poor and marginalised people, which so often go unheard, must illuminate our thinking and actions.

These people have important things to say, experiences to share and solutions to offer; but all too often, few of us are listening. Their views are ignored because they are poor, and their lack of ‘voice’ is as important a characteristic of the poverty they experience as insufficient food, shelter, health and education.

This loss of voice is not just a regrettable feature of poverty, it is a central reason why people remain poor. Panos London believes that many development efforts are failing because political, social and economic process are not open, transparent and inclusive. And they lack the necessary communication channels to involve people, keep them informed and respond to their choices and views.

We are working to change that. With the Panos Network and other partners, we have helped create, facilitate and develop communication processes and mechanisms that allow poor and marginalised people to enter and engage in policy debates and decision-making at local, national and international levels. And, vitally, we have supported the development of media and high-quality journalism around the world.


Panos London trustees' annual report and accounts 2006

Panos London annual review 2006/7 (1.2mb)