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Annual review and trustee report 2007

A cyclone-warning man hold his loudspeaker / Zed Nelson - Panos Pictures

What lies at the heart of successful development and the transformation of society? We believe it is open communication channels, participatory information processes, and a free and independent media that effect real change.

They contribute substantially to more transparent and accountable governance, to the creation of a vibrant and dynamic civil society and to rapid and more equitable economic growth.

But they must be put at the service of the poor, who want to be informed, who want to understand and contribute to the debates and decisions that affect their lives, at community, national and international levels.

This is what Panos London does. We are a specialist communications for development organisation working with the global Panos Network and fellow partners to make these voices heard, and help to make them count.

We structure our work through a strategic and programmatic focus on four critical communication challenges:

  • promoting voice
  • generating greater dialogue and debate
  • building media development, and
  • leading in advocacy

Using our 22 years of experience, innovative methodologies and expert staff, 2007 saw our communication projects reaching journalists, editors, policy-makers, community leaders and thousands of ordinary people in 28 countries. Follow the links to the left and you will find examples of the ways that we do this, and the difference that they make.

Poor people – indeed, all people – long to speak and be heard. They have critically important perspectives and want to be given the opportunity to share them. They should have the chance to hold those who take decisions on their behalf accountable for what they do.

Voice and accountability are not luxurious features only to be afforded in economically-developed societies: they are integral to the successful development of any society. They must be seen to be as important as any of the Millennium Development Goals, for they underpin them all.

We want to thank all those who shared our passion and our commitment to meeting this challenge in the last year by financially supporting our work.

With my grateful thanks,

Mark Wilson
Executive Director


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