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Annual review and trustee report 2009

Sri Lanka | A woman speaks at a community group meeting / Atul Loke - Panos Pictures

Our 2009 annual review illustrates the impact of our work with individuals and communities living in poverty and marginalised by their societies. We’ve worked with journalists and editors to help them investigate and report on the issues that affect the poor; and with policymakers, NGOs and others as we battle to expand the range of voices included in policy debates to promote change in policy outcomes.

Highlights of our work in the four key areas of voice, media, dialogue and networked communications include:

Voice – we helped poor and marginalised groups speak out and have their voices heard. Some of the groups that we worked with in 2009 were:

  • HIV-positive women in South Asia, who were able to speak about their lives and experiences thanks to a collaboration between Panos London and the Panos network’s Global AIDS programme
  • Communities in Madagascar, who were able to communicate their experiences of climate change through oral testimonies that were turned into radio programmes
  • People from the desert regions of Ethiopia and Sudan whose experiences of climate change were brought to policymakers at the UN via a Panos London exhibition

– we continued our work supporting journalist in developing countries to produce news and features that examine political decisions and bring hidden issues to light:

  • In Mozambique and Pakistan where we used communication methods to address the barriers that stop better reporting of poverty
  • For 40 journalists from 27 developing countries who we supported to attend and report from the UN climate change summit

We have also brought articles about development issues written by journalists from developing countries  to the European public  – through our Linking southern journalists project, which provides original and insightful journalism to media in the UK, Poland, Sweden and Spain.

– we created spaces for people to exchange ideas and experiences

  • In the UK, where we used participatory communication approaches to work with ‘hard-to-reach’ groups at risk of HIV
  • In East Africa where we helped to bridge the gaps that prevent the media and researchers working with each other

Networked communications
– we worked to ensure that the benefits of communication technologies were made available to all including developing a project using mobile phones to help meet the Millennium Development Goal of reducing child mortality.

You can read full details about these, and other projects, in our 2009 annual review, which you can download in the right hand column.

Panos London strategy

Panos London has nearly 25 years’ experience of increasing citizens’ participation, enabling better decision-making and working with the media to improve reporting on crucial issues. In 2009 we completed a new strategy which will run to 2015, the target date to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. This focuses our work on four core areas where we can further develop our existing expertise to make a significant impact: Voice, Dialogue, Media, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs, or what we call Networked Communications).

You can read more about our strategy by visiting:


Panos London annual review 2009

Panos London 2009 report and accounts (signed)