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Maimoona Shahzadi

Journalism by Maimoona Shahzadi

A passion for cricket teaches valuable lessons


Children play cricket at the Sheffield Grammar School in Pakistan - Tim Smith | Panos Pictures

Maimoona’s school has organised a sports week, something that normally happens at expensive private schools in Pakistan. She blogs about the benefits of the event for her young students.

Amazing success for controversial school


In the hallway between classes - Carolyn Drake | Panos Pictures

Maimoona rejoices as every one of the students in her school passes their exams – a rare accomplishment that is boosting their reputation.

The chance to perform


School girls dance and sing during music lessons at St. Theresa's School - Warrick Page | Panos Pictures

Maimoona discusses how the recent Annual Day celebrations in Pakistan have brought together local families and their children.

We need to talk about our children


Students in the village of Panchkasi walk about 5km every day to get to the nearest government primary school - Zackary Canepari | Panos Pictures

As Maimoona laments another student whose education has come to an end prematurely, she reflects on the importance of teachers and parents communicating well for the benefit of the children.

School books are being priced out of reach


A student heads home with his books from the Mohripur Government Primary School. The school has no desks and no electricity - Zackary Canepari | Panos Pictures

Maimoona tells us about rising book prices hitting the poorest students at her school and how some families struggle to cope. What would you do to support a school child in need?

Lucky few study beyond high school


Rina Saeed Khan | Panos London

Once they complete their Matriculation exams, most of the children in Maimoona’s school, especially the boys, have to find work.

People hope for change as elections approach


Maimoona teaching her class - Rina Saeed Khan | Panos London

We are not as politically aware, we mostly watch Pakistan state TV and there is not too much news on this channel. But even though the people are not following the news avidly, there is uncertainty in the air. And people do want change now.

School’s irrigation is fighting hepatitis


Constructed wetland for bioremediation - Rina Saeed Khan | Panos London

The stagnant pool of water would last for days and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It was especially hazardous for the younger children and older guardians who came to drop and pick up the children. There had been instances when they would fall into the dirty water.

Boarding over the holidays


Students outside of their classroom at the Mohripur Government Primary School - Zackary Canepari | Panos Pictures

On December 25 we plan to celebrate Quaid-e-azam day. It means “father of the nation” and commemorates the birthday of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of our country. We don’t celebrate Christmas, but we do teach the children the importance of international events and special days.

“An educated child can change a family’s destiny”


Maimoona teaching Class X - Rina Saeed Khan | Panos London

Maimoona wants to see Pakistani literacy rates to go up and to do this the government needs to encourage more female teachers to enter this profession at the primary level.

Maimoona Shahzadi