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Rob Safar

Rob looks after the websites and other online media platforms for Panos London as the Web Editor.

Journalism by Rob Safar

Family planning: a collection of perspectives


Sierra Leone: Traditional birth attendant, Isatu Kargbo, examines a pregnant woman - Jenny Matthews | Panos Pictures

With the London Summit on Family Planning this Wednesday, we wanted to showcase some of the decisions and dilemmas people around the world face when it comes to sexual health and planning a family.

Improving healthcare for the seldom heard


Beyond Consultation - Andrew Testa | Panos London

This week the NHS Confederation debates how to include marginalised voices in improving services, with help from Panos London’s Clodagh Miskelly.

Activist recognised for her work on oral testimonies


Bhan Sahu interviewing people in rural India - Stella Paul | Panos London

Great news – Bhan Sahu, our blogger from Chhattisgarh in central India, has been awarded a fellowship with the citizen journalism group CGNet Swara.

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Ask Bhan your questions about the life of a social activist in India.

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We’re happy to announce that you can now connect with Panos London on Google+ as another way of sharing and spreading voices that were once much quieter.

Help improve our website


Jon Favreau, Barack Obama's chief speechwriter during the campaign for the presidency. He is pictured on the night of the Democratic primary election in New Hampshire, at work on Obama's speech on his laptop computer, BlackBerry at hand - Jacob Silberberg | Panos Pictures

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Sparking debate – the Spark project


Spark logo

The Spark project was an effort to bring together the experiences of professionals around the world working with HIV and AIDS patients. In a series of lunchtime discussions, we tackled a range of issues that hinder the progress of HIV and AIDS treatment in the developing world.

Rob Safar