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Sali Samaké

Journalism by Sali Samaké

If I had a tractor I could hire it to other farmers


We have finished bringing in the harvest on our farms. The work we are doing now is the threshing of sorghum and millet, which are the most important cereals we grow. After the harvest we collect the ears of sorghum together on the farms to be dried. We protect them from the animals that can…

We grind tree leaves to treat malaria


Malaria is a common disease here. I can say everyone suffers from malaria several times a year. The worst outbreaks are during the rainy season which runs from July to October. Doctors say that mosquitoes benefit from the wet and dirty environment of the rainy season. And their numbers grow because they breed a lot…

The changing role of cow-herding in Mali


It’s time to harvest our main crops like sorghum and millet but they still need more water to produce enough grain. I think it might not rain again until next July so I’m worried about food security in my village and the surrounding areas. We rely heavily on farming for our livelihoods but we also…

Crops mark end of hunger season


We are currently harvesting the short-cycle crops such as black-eyed peas, fonio, maize and groundnut. Their cycle is shorter than the other crops we grow, especially crops like sorghum and millet. This time of year, every year, marks a period of happiness for the farmers. It ends the food shortage period, which can last several…

I’m worried one of my sons will migrate to Spain


I’m worried that one of my sons will migrate to Spain. He only talks about this project and doesn’t have any plans to do anything else. He has asked for the support of all the family to get him there. We can give him some money and our blessings for the success of his voyage….

Everything depends on clean water


I work with the Agro Meteorological Assistance Programme, which teaches farmers how to adapt their farms to water shortages. The problem is that farmers no longer know when the rainy season starts exactly. Normally the rainy season starts around May and ends in October. Now it might rain few times in May, but the rainy season…

I learnt to read at 30


My name is Sali Samaké and I live in Tamala, one of the villages in the region of Djitoumou, in Mali. We’re proud of our past. We always refer to Djitoumou, an ancient land name, to indicate our village’s position to outsiders. I was born in Defara, a neighbouring village, but my parents no longer…

Sali Samaké