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Tia Jeewa

Journalism by Tia Jeewa

Delivering stories from the ground is crucial


Picture training at Panos - Anne Mireille Nzouankeu | Panos London

Read about what some of our journalists have to say about their experiences of writing for Europe and visiting national newspapers, as they reflect on the successes of the Linking Southern Journalists project.

See the writing on the wall


See the writing on the wall - Panos London

A look back on the first ever Student Film Festival London – what we asked of the students and what we learned from them.

The art of film making


Student Film Festival London 2012

Panos London is proud to be sponsoring the first International Student Film Festival. We’ll also be sponsoring an internship for one lucky student, mentoring them to use participatory communication methods to enhance their film making skills.

Tia Jeewa