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Our journalists

Dann Okoth

Dann Okoth is an award-winning investigative Kenyan journalist working with the Standard Newspaper in Nairobi. Pursuing investigative stories in Kenya is challenging: he was charged with contempt of court over his first investigative article on child paedophiles in Mombasa. However, the case was later dismissed as the facts were unfounded. Last year he was the…

Rina Saeed Khan

Rina Saeed Khan is a Lahore-based freelance journalist, specialising in the environment and development issues. She began her career in journalism in 1992 when she joined The Friday Times, Pakistan’s first independent English weekly newspaper, where she served as Features Editor until 1998. Rina writes a weekly column on the environment called Earthly Matters for…

Ana Aranha

Ana Aranha

Ana Aranha Ana Aranha is an award-winning journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil. She has written for the Brazilian Rolling Stone and Marie Claire in addition to other national news magazines. Through Panos, her work has been published in The Guardian, Gazeta in Poland, El Mundo in Spain and Svenksa Dagbladet in Sweden. Ana has won ten…

Aunohita Mojumdar

Aunohita Mojumdar is an Indian freelance journalist based in Kabul since 2003. She contributes to a wide variety of media that includes but is not limited to Eurasianet, Asia Times, Himal South asia, the Guardian, the Christian Science Monitor, NRC Handelsblad (Dutch), Sydsvenska (Swedish), Al Jazeera, Times of India and Hindustan Times. Her reporting attempts to…

Athar Parvaiz

Athar Parvaiz

Based in Kashmir, Athar Parvaiz Bhat has been in the field of journalism for the last nine years, focused on environment and health. He works as a freelance Journalist based in Srinagar-Kashmir and his news stories and articles appear in various regional and international news outlets including the global news agency IPS. Athar has been…

Didier Bikorimana

Didier Bikorimana

Didier Bikorimana is a Rwandan freelance journalist. He read journalism and communications at the National University of Rwanda. His articles have been printed in The New Times of Rwanda, the Independent in Uganda and El Mundo in Spain, while some of his radio works have run on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). He is a regular…

João Paulo Charleaux

Anso Thom

Purple Romero

Purple Romero

I have worked for both online and print publications, and also dabbled in writing for television in 2010 for an election special. But I really want to be a quintessential journalist, not boxed by the medium which I write for. I do not want to be limited by the medium, I want to use it…

Lorenzo Morales

Lorenzo Morales is a freelance journalist, a journalism teacher, and a Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting grantee. Since 2009, he has covered environment-related news, such as water access and his country’s recent mining boom.

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