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Our journalists

Anna Majavu

Anna has been published in The Guardian and Sydsvenskan (Swedish).

Machrine Birungi

Machrine is a deputy editor at the Uganda Radio Network.

Armsfree Onomo Ajanaku

Armsfree Onomo Ajanaku works as a features writer with The Guardian, the acclaimed flagship of the Nigerian press. Since 2006 he has covered issues of the environment, development and the infrastructural challenges in different parts of the country.

Zarina Geloo

Zarina Geloo is a freelance writer specialising in development issues.

María Gabriela Ensinck

María Gabriela Ensinck reports for El Cronista, a Buenos Aires-based financial paper, and contributes to other national publications. Specialising in science, technology, environment and business, she is a member of the Argentine Science Journalism Network.

Flávia Moraes

Flávia Moraes is a Brazilian journalist attending the COP17 climate change talks in Durban as a CCMP fellow.

Leocadia Bongben

Leocadia Bongben

Evelyn Kahungu

Evelyn Kahungu is an independent film-maker and producer based in Nairobi. She currently works at Frontier Films and Al Jazeera as a producer, travelling around East Africa. She recently travelled to Mogadishu and Dadaab on assignment.

Tania Ghosh

Tania Ghosh is is a programme officer for the RELAY programme.

Orton Kiishweko

Orton Kiishweko

Orton Kiishweko is a staff reporter for the Daily News in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He was named journalist of the year in the 2010 Excellence in Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT) competition and was commended for his work on governance and HIV/AIDS. Orton has been published in The Guardian and El Mundo (Spanish).

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