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Digital stories: Key issues to emerge

09/25/2008 | Panos London

A range of issues were clarified and explored through the discussion.

DFID review: tackling stigma at all levels

09/25/2008 | Panos London

Dieneke ter Huurne from the UK Department for International Development spoke about a recent review of stigma-related projects. The International Centre on Research for Women (ICRW) has conducted a review of projects and programmes addressing stigma and discrimination around the world for the DFID, which looks at three main types of activity: trying to reduce…

Spark | evaluating social change communication

09/25/2008 | Panos London

A multi-levelled communication strategy for young people’s sexual and reproductive rights.

Street theatre and clowning in Guatemala

09/25/2008 | Panos London

Tony Savdié spoke about Guatemala’s Proyecto Payaso – an NGO that uses street theatre and clowning to examine issues such as HIV and AIDS, gender, and stigma. Guatemalan society is grounded in stigma and discrimination, not just around HIV and AIDS, but in different areas of social identity – particularly for indigenous people. HIV and…

The challenges of evaluating social change

09/25/2008 | Panos London

Despite early success, their first evaluation was not considered rigorous or scientific enough, in particular by the public health and academic communities, and so they worked with experts and peers who had criticised the first evaluation to do another larger scale evaluation.

HIV and AIDS stigma: Key issues to emerge

09/25/2008 | Panos London

1. Factors affecting stigma and discrimination The discussion raised the question of whether stigma and discrimination levels decrease in situations where HIV infection rates are high enough for AIDS to be ‘seen’ on the streets. According to one participant stigma in South Africa has become more entrenched as infection rates have risen, while in other…

Evaluating social change: Discussion

09/25/2008 | Panos London

Small groups discussed several questions raised by Puntos experience of evaluation.

Celebrating the uncelebrated

05/14/2008 | Panos London

In the run up to the International Day for Sharing Life Stories, Siobhan Warrington calls for people's own experiences to underpin development work.

Public should say how digital billions are spent

05/14/2008 | Panos London

Governments have collected huge sums in Universal Access Funds. Murali Shanmugavalen wants the people to decide how they are used to bridge the communications gap. 

Satellite broadcasting gag threatens development

04/11/2008 | Panos London

Mark Wilson believes the recent clampdown on satellite broadcasters in Arab League countries threatens to damage the wellbeing of millions.

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