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06/01/2012 | Rob Safar

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Tunisia’s post-revolution media frustrated by lack of change

05/23/2012 | Tim Williams

At UNESCO’s annual conference to mark World Press Freedom Day - Tim Williams | Panos London

Tim Williams travelled to Tunis to attend UNESCO’s conference marking World Press Freedom Day. He met dissident Bahraini bloggers and young Tunisian journalists, frustrated at the slow pace of change.

The human cost of displacement

05/14/2012 | Olivia Bennett

Lipholo Bosielo, one of the narrators in the Molika-liko valley - Kitty Warnock | Panos London

Olivia Bennett talks about her recent pubication, Displaced: The Human Cost of Development and Resettlement, based on learning and oral testimonies from a Panos London project.

Mexican law aims to halt journalist killings

05/09/2012 | Siobhan Warrington

TV journalist reporting from a crime scene. Ciudad Juarez is the most violent city in Mexico, and the epicentre of the war on drugs. In 2008, 2,000 people were murdered, an average of 5.5 murders a day - Teun Voeten | Panos Pictures

Mexico is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a journalist today. Siobhan talks to Peace Brigades International about the new law to protect human rights defenders and journalists.

Delivering stories from the ground is crucial

04/30/2012 | Tia Jeewa

Picture training at Panos - Anne Mireille Nzouankeu | Panos London

Read about what some of our journalists have to say about their experiences of writing for Europe and visiting national newspapers, as they reflect on the successes of the Linking Southern Journalists project.

Journalism can still be dynamic, thanks to social media

04/27/2012 | Purple Romero

Purple and Armsfree chat with Swedish editors and discuss story ideas - David Dahmen | Panos London

“The growth of social media has helped established news organisations such as the Guardian, which we visited, make it possible for voices from other parts of the world to be heard amid the economic crunch.”

“I was filled with hope and ideas for new possibilities”

04/18/2012 | Ana Aranha

Ana Aranha speaks with other journalists from the Linking Southern Journalists project when visiting Panos London - David Dahmen | Panos London

“One could say it was a reaction typical from a journalist, but it took me a long time to believe the trip was true. I thought that being invited to meet editors from European newspapers – with all expenses paid – was just too good to be true.”

Linking Southern Journalists: Anne’s reflections

04/17/2012 | Panos London

Anne visits the Panos London office - Anne Mireille Nzouankeu | Panos London

Anne Mireille Nzouankeu has been a journalist for five years and joined the Linking Southern Journalists projects in 2011. She spoke to Kate Ixer about her participation in the project.

Linking Southern Journalists: Ana’s reflections

04/16/2012 | Panos London

Ana Aranha (left) visits the office of El Mundo, who published several of her articles through Panos' Linking Southern Journalists project - Tia Jeewa | Panos London

Ana Aranha works as a freelance journalist and for the investigative journalism agency Publica, set up by former Panos London intern and journalist Natalia Viana. She joined the Linking Southern Journalists project in 2011, and spoke to Kate Ixer about her participation in the project.

Wellcome Trust supports ‘academic spring’

04/10/2012 | Panos London

Kelly Green, Cancer Research Scientist at Cancer Research UK, Cambridge - David Rose | Panos Pictures

One of the world’s largest funders of science research has given its support to a growing campaign for publicly-funded research papers to be shared openly online.

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