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Voices from the Ground

We grind tree leaves to treat malaria

12/07/2010 | Sali Samaké

Malaria is a common disease here. I can say everyone suffers from malaria several times a year. The worst outbreaks are during the rainy season which runs from July to October. Doctors say that mosquitoes benefit from the wet and dirty environment of the rainy season. And their numbers grow because they breed a lot…

Bitter weather bites in Pakistan flood camps

12/02/2010 | Zubaida Noor

Andrew McConnell - Panos Pictures

This year’s Eid break was very quiet for me. We didn’t celebrate Eid as a family because my former husband had recently passed away. According to our culture, whenever a family member dies you observe mourning for 40 days. My husband had had a dependency problem with drugs and was found dead one morning. We had…

It takes a team to tackle HIV

12/01/2010 | Dr Tracy Evans-Gilbert

My work in HIV takes up a lot of my time, but it’s not all that I do. I am also a mother and wife and in spite of all I do at work, I always try to make time for my family. I am married and I have two boys, 10 and seven years…

I helped 56 women weavers get health insurance

11/25/2010 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

The women in my state spend most of their time caring for their husbands, children and old people in the house. As a result, they tend to ignore their own ailments, giving priority to others. So when they do ultimately go to the doctor, it is only when the illness has become very painful or…

Sex for drugs: the dark reality of the favelas

11/22/2010 | Tia Dag

I usually get home late, between 11pm and midnight, because there is extra work to be done at Casa do Zezinho, or I have to meet people who want to be our partners, or else I have to speak at a conference. When I get home, I have to take care of the kids. There…

Our society sanctions a husband hitting his wife

11/22/2010 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

In Manipur there is a saying that a woman should be beaten ten times a day, suggesting that this is the only way to set her under men’s dominance. Another supposedly “respectful” saying, given as advice by parents to the in-laws and the husband of their daughters, is “discipline her [the daughter] to fit your…

The changing role of cow-herding in Mali

11/17/2010 | Sali Samaké

It’s time to harvest our main crops like sorghum and millet but they still need more water to produce enough grain. I think it might not rain again until next July so I’m worried about food security in my village and the surrounding areas. We rely heavily on farming for our livelihoods but we also…

Today we found a missing baby

11/11/2010 | Dr Tracy Evans-Gilbert

Today I found a very important baby – a baby my team and I had been trying to find for a year. This was one of the last of the 18 HIV positive babies that had gone missing after their mothers stopped bringing them into our HIV clinic for treatment. We now only have one…

Beaten woman sent back to husband

11/09/2010 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

In my work with abused women, one of the most important things is the support of the family and their resolve to stand by the decision of their daughter. In a recent case I dealt with, a woman who had been regularly beaten by her husband was forced by her family to go back and…

Crops mark end of hunger season

11/03/2010 | Sali Samaké

We are currently harvesting the short-cycle crops such as black-eyed peas, fonio, maize and groundnut. Their cycle is shorter than the other crops we grow, especially crops like sorghum and millet. This time of year, every year, marks a period of happiness for the farmers. It ends the food shortage period, which can last several…

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