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Voices from the Ground

People hope for change as elections approach

01/20/2012 | Maimoona Shahzadi

Maimoona teaching her class - Rina Saeed Khan | Panos London

We are not as politically aware, we mostly watch Pakistan state TV and there is not too much news on this channel. But even though the people are not following the news avidly, there is uncertainty in the air. And people do want change now.

Trials of tending the women’s garden

01/16/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

A girl carries water on her head in the village of Intedeyne, Mali - Ami Vitale | Panos Pictures

Kaidia speaks about how her community has dealt with rain shortages and drought over recent years.

I am being followed because of my videos

01/13/2012 | Bhan Sahu

Bhan's one-room house - Stella Paul | Panos London

“It is the second time in six months that I had been called to the police station. The last time it happened, my landlord asked me to vacate the house immediately, saying he didn’t want any trouble. In the police station they asked me if I knew any Maoists.”

School’s irrigation is fighting hepatitis

01/11/2012 | Maimoona Shahzadi

Constructed wetland for bioremediation - Rina Saeed Khan | Panos London

The stagnant pool of water would last for days and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It was especially hazardous for the younger children and older guardians who came to drop and pick up the children. There had been instances when they would fall into the dirty water.

Sensitising the community to protect women in Manipur

01/09/2012 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

Detail from a poster made by WAD (Women Action for Development), the organisation that Ambra works for - Thingnam Anjulika Samom | Panos London

Takhelchangbam Ambravati talks about her work in Manipur supporting women who live with domestic violence.

“What women need is economic independence”

01/04/2012 | Bhan Sahu

Bhan Sahu

In her first blog, Bhan Sahu tells us about rural entrepreneurs in the Indian village of Vihiri, who are taking their futures in their own hands.

Meet Bhan Sahu – our new blogger from India

12/22/2011 | Stella Paul

Meet Bhan Sahu our new blogger from Chhattisgarh, India where the government is facing an armed uprising by Maoist guerrillas. Bhan works with people from marginalised communities – mostly women.

Boarding over the holidays

12/21/2011 | Maimoona Shahzadi

Students outside of their classroom at the Mohripur Government Primary School - Zackary Canepari | Panos Pictures

On December 25 we plan to celebrate Quaid-e-azam day. It means “father of the nation” and commemorates the birthday of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of our country. We don’t celebrate Christmas, but we do teach the children the importance of international events and special days.

Droughts in Mali causing crisis

12/19/2011 | Kaidia Samaké

Skulls and horns litter the dried out bed of Lake Banzena. It has not rained for months and the area is suffering from the most severe drought to hit Mali in 29 years - Abbie Trayler-Smith | Panos Pictures

Failed harvests and low food reserves in the Sahel, particularly Mali, Chad, Mauritania and Burkina Faso, means millions of people are facing a food crisis in early 2012. Kaidia Samaké explains how the lack of rain has caused her own harvests to fail and what this means for her and her children.

“An educated child can change a family’s destiny”

12/16/2011 | Maimoona Shahzadi

Maimoona teaching Class X - Rina Saeed Khan | Panos London

Maimoona wants to see Pakistani literacy rates to go up and to do this the government needs to encourage more female teachers to enter this profession at the primary level.

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