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Men who have sex with men and HIV policies in developing countries

07/14/2010 | Panos London

Overview Leaders from around the world will meet in Vienna to attend the XVIII International AIDS conference this month. The overarching theme of the conference, cited on the website, is the “emphasis on the importance of protecting and promoting human rights as a prerequisite to a successful response to HIV”. The conference is particularly focused…

Schools of hope

04/15/2010 | Aasha Mehreen Amin

In Bangladesh, family poverty and poor quality state education forces millions of children out of primary school. Girls in particular lose out as they are often the first to be called on to get a job or help their parents at home. But new flexible learning centres are hoping to change this.

Abusive husbands hold back food

09/14/2009 | Tania Ghosh

Up to five percent of women could be suffering from abuse caused by their husbands restricting their food. The extreme form of physical abuse against women has come to light in a study published by the Third World Quarterly journal this month.

Climate refugees of the future

03/31/2009 | Pinaki Roy

Bangladesh is calling for the rights of environmental refugees to be recognised as the country battles rising sea levels and chronic poverty.

Life on the fringes: the cost of health

01/29/2009 | Aasha Mehreen Amin

The rising cost of living in Dhaka’s urban slums, in Bangladesh, has made healthcare an increasingly unaffordable luxury.

Life on the fringes: survival

01/29/2009 | Aasha Mehreen Amin

Life in Dhaka's shanty towns is a perpetual struggle. Aasha Mehreen Amin spoke to men and women about life in poverty.

It’s vital to make research public

12/04/2008 | Panos London

Research has much to say to the politicians and policy makers whose decisions affect our lives, according to Joanne Carpenter.

Water everywhere but not enough to drink

04/11/2008 | Moslem Uddin Ahmed

Drinking water in Bangladesh is often full of salt as rising sea levels force water further inland. Expensive technology offers solutions but who will foot the bill?

Like ducks to water

04/11/2008 | Siraj Shahjahan

In Bangladesh Shamsur Rahman Shaq and Mosamot Amena Begaumin are flooded for a third of the year round. But they have found a way to survive on their waterlogged land.

The rickshaw puller

03/05/2008 | Siraj Shahjahan

Forced by famine, floods and debt, an estimated nine out of ten rickshaw drivers have migrated to Dhaka, swelling the ranks of the city's urban poor.

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