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Female migrants’ isolation heightens HIV risk in Cambodia

07/12/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Female garment workers in Cambodia who have migrated to the capital are more exposed to a risk of HIV infection because of the changes in their social and economic circumstances, a new report claims.

Journalists on climate change (part 1)

12/22/2008 | Panos London

Journalists at the 2008 UN Climate Change Summit in Poznan speak about how climate change is affecting their home countries and how their work can help.

Cambodia’s two poverty plans

12/17/2003 | Khieu Kola

Most countries struggle with one – but Cambodia's government has got two poverty plans to put into action, each developed by a different donor.

Khieu Kola

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Khieu Kola is a Cambodian journalist based in Phnom Penh.

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