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Kashmir ‘paradise’ runs out of water

04/11/2012 | Faisal Raza Khan

A beautiful living stream - Faisal Raza Khan | Panos London

The Kashmir mountains are a beautiful setting, but the impacts of climate change are beginning to be felt as the water seems to be drying up.

Celebrating International Mountains Day

12/11/2011 | Siobhan Warrington

Caring for flocks in the high pastures above Shimshal village, July 2000 - David Butz | Panos London

It is nine years since the International Year of Mountains (2002) when Panos London launched the Mountain Voices website, an online archive of testimonies from some 300 men and women living in mountain communities from 10 countries.

Dams and development

03/30/2011 | Panos London

The topic guide considers areas of potential conflict between countries, concerns over policy guidelines regarding dam building and the socio-economic impact of displacement.

Climate Change Media Partnership

01/30/2011 | Panos London

The media has a key role to play in raising awareness about climate change at both global and local levels. The CCMP project is an exciting programme designed to ensure this will happen.

I was a political prisoner in Tibet for 27 years

01/18/2011 | Divya Gupta

Ama Adhe describes her incredible story to Divya Gupta about her experience of life in Tibet before the Chinese invasion of 1949, and then the life she endured as she was beset by personal tragedy and imprisonment.

Opinion: Don’t make China the scapegoat for climate change failures

02/17/2010 | Sun Yu

With ambitious targets and multi-billion dollar investment in clean technologies, Sun Yu, chief writer for Environmental Protection magazine in Beijing, says China  deserves credit for its climate policies.

Labour camps increase HIV risk amongst sex workers in China

02/15/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Chinese sex workers who are sent to labour camps have a higher risk of contracting HIV than those who are not, a report has found. It also indicates that HIV prevelence is much higher in cities, which have camps, compared to those without.

Unhappiness of Chinese rural-urban migrants

01/04/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Rising aspirations and high expectations of city life make Chinese migrants who move from the countryside to the city less happy than people who stay in rural areas, a report claims.

Communicating climate change

06/24/2009 | Panos London

Climate change is happening now and the effects are being felt worldwide but whether people have information to help them understand it depends on where they live.

Curbing climate change: what’s in it for China?

06/18/2009 | Ke Xu

China's stance is seen as key to the success of a post-Kyoto climate change agreement. Ke Xu explores some of its carbon-cutting options.

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