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Toy guns burnt in protest

08/11/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

Women in Manipur organise symbolic burnings of toy guns in protest against gun culture

Today my son was reading out the newspaper to me. The main news was of a husband and wife shot dead in front of their three young children by members of an insurgent group. The incident made me think once again how important the examples and lessons are that we give our children.

The dark side of development

07/15/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

Campaigners say hydro-electric dams on Loktak Lake threaten the social and environmental stability of the region / Sanjit Das - Panos Pictures

New technology, training and education are ways in which development can better our lives. Yet, we are also compelled to question what so-called development is costing us.

Human misery of drug crossroads

06/28/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

Police reveal a hoard of spasmo proxyvon, a prescription drug which addicts mix with water and inject like heroin / Anjulika Thingnam - Panos London

A popular joke among the people of Manipur is that A is for Arms, B for Bandhs (strikes), C for Curfew, and D for Drugs. This grim alphabet reflects the sad reality of the state. Tragically those that feel the impact most are women and children.

Free treatment for pregnant women

06/17/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

Pregnant women in Manipur visit the doctor for check-ups

Part of my role as a grassroots worker is to know about the various government schemes that women in Manipur can get help through. Most of the time the women themselves know very little about them.

Tamil Nadu’s shrinking islets spell sea change

06/10/2011 | Gokul Chandrasekar

A fisherman in Tamil Nadu returns to shore with his Kattumaram raft and a net bursting with fish

A network of tiny islands in Tamil Nadu is shrinking due to a rise in sea water in the estuary. Experts fear the impact of a rise in sea levels on India’s coasts yet CCMP fellow Gokul Chandrasekar finds the Indian government has no regulation for the impact of climate change on the coastline.

Gokul Chandrasekar

06/10/2011 | Lilly Peel

Gokul Chandrasekar

Gokul Chandrasekar is based in Chennai, South India, where he covers environment, health and policy for The New Indian Express. He has worked in print, online, television and radio and has covered various aspects of environment ranging from policy to human rights, green business to environmental justice. He was a CCMP fellow for 2010.

Suspicions aroused over high suicide rates

05/31/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

A sign inside a morgue in Imphal, Manipur, reads "A corpse is a silent witness that never lies"

Last week women’s groups in Manipur staged protests to demand an investigation into the high number of suicides by women and murders of women. According to crime figures highlighted by the NGO I work for, there were five suicides in the first three months of 2011 alone.

In Manipur gun culture rules over all

05/18/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

A villager in northeast India carries an old hunting rifle and machete. In Manipur more than five decades of insurgency means life is ruled by the gun, according to Ambra

In Manipur we live in a patriarchal and conflict-ridden society dominated by gun culture. As gender activists we work against great odds to lessen the danger and injustice against our fellow women in the state. But sometimes we are struck by the realisation of our own vulnerability.

Child suicide tells tragedy of violence at home

05/12/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

Pictures drawn by 9 to 12 year olds feature in a poster created by Women Action for Development

A recent case in which a ten-year-old boy hanged himself served as a terrible reminder of how domestic violence in the home can have devastating consequences on children.

Breaking barriers: Women in a man’s world

04/06/2011 | Panos London

Panos London presents six case studies of women who are defying stereotypes to tackle poverty and gender inequality in developing countries.

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