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Wood works

04/08/2005 | Panos London

Jobs in Malawi are scarce. At the last count only 13 per cent of the country was employed. But local groups are making efforts to get young people into work.

Debts and daughters

05/26/2004 | Panos London

In Malawi household income and life expectancy are falling. Hilary Mbobe visited a village where a father resorted to selling his underage daughter into marriage to get out of debt. 

Frank Kapesa

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Ayam Maeresa

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Patrick Dambula

01/01/2001 | Panos London

Patrick Dambula graduated from the Malawi Institute of Journalism in 2004, and started his career at the Weekly News. Later he moved to the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation where he still works. He has worked as an Editor, a Producer and a Senior Reporter based in Lilongwe, the capital city. His interest in environmental issues started…

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