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We must lead Mali toward progress

04/23/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

A Mali woman listens to the radio - Andrew Esiebo | Panos London

Kaidia speaks her mind about the recent coup in Mali and reflects on what these changes could mean for the rural south of the country.

Parents now see the importance of education

03/23/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

Children in the village school in Gwelekoro, Mali

Kaidia Samake is on the village school management committee. She encourages children to go to school and their parents to allow them.

Radio keeps us informed through the drought

02/29/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

Dogon women listening to the radio as they work, Mali - Rhodri Jones | Panos Pictures

With the worsening food shortage in Mali, Kaidia tells us how local radio is sharing valuable information with rural communities.

No one here escapes malaria

02/10/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

Village women listen to an educational talk regarding the dangers of female circumcision - Alfredo Caliz | Panos Pictures

Kaidia blogs about health issues for the children of Mali, from malaria to female genital mutilation.

Making pregnancy safer in Mali

02/01/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

Kadia Keita, a local midwife, is pictured with some of the babies that she has helped to deliver at the health centre in Bomau village - Abbie Trayler-Smith | Panos Pictures

Kaidia talks to us about pregnancy in Mali – the risks and the changes that are helping to improve the health of mothers and children.

Trials of tending the women’s garden

01/16/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

A girl carries water on her head in the village of Intedeyne, Mali - Ami Vitale | Panos Pictures

Kaidia speaks about how her community has dealt with rain shortages and drought over recent years.

Droughts in Mali causing crisis

12/19/2011 | Kaidia Samaké

Skulls and horns litter the dried out bed of Lake Banzena. It has not rained for months and the area is suffering from the most severe drought to hit Mali in 29 years - Abbie Trayler-Smith | Panos Pictures

Failed harvests and low food reserves in the Sahel, particularly Mali, Chad, Mauritania and Burkina Faso, means millions of people are facing a food crisis in early 2012. Kaidia Samaké explains how the lack of rain has caused her own harvests to fail and what this means for her and her children.

Women must beg for land from men

12/12/2011 | Kaidia Samaké

A woman walks home with a bucket of water on her head and a child on her back. She has to walk more than a kilometre between the well and home several times a day. Traditionally, water transportation is a woman's job, one of such importance that many girls are kept from attending school - Dieter Telemans | Panos Pictures

Men decide everything about the community’s life. When something must be discussed by the villagers, men meet in the chief of the village’s meeting room. Women don’t have the right to take part in those meetings.

Women form the backbone of Mali agriculture

12/07/2011 | Kaidia Samaké

Kaidia processing shea fruit - Soumaila Diarra | Panos London

Kaidia tells us about her experiences farming, processing and preparing the Shea fruit.

A women’s fund in Mali

11/21/2011 | Kaidia Samaké

A note on the wall of a local restaurant in Mali. Women have a hard time getting credit, so housewives have formed an association to provide loans for women - Sven Torfinn | Panos

An association of housewives from Gwelekoro all pay a small amount each week. The money can be given as small loans for women in Mali, where it can be difficult for women to get loans or funding.

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