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Historias da vida: viver na pobreza

04/19/2011 | Panos London

O que são as histórias da vida? As histórias da vida são relatos pessoais de 12 homens e mulheres moçambicanos, de duas áreas distintas: a cidade de Marracuene e o distrito mais rural de Mabalane. Eles descrevem como o seu dia-a-dia está a ser afectado pela pobreza, os desafios que encontram e os esforços que…

Jorgina: the value of cooperatives

04/12/2011 | Panos London

Jorgina vividly remembers Mozambique’s civil war. When her husband died, leaving her “in absolute poverty” to care for their 10 children, she “had to risk my own life going… to cultivate the fields, and escaping from armed bandits”. It was then that she joined the cooperative, which 30 years later still enables her to “alleviate…

The challenge of digital inclusion in Mozambique

01/14/2011 | Panos London

Mozambique was one of the first African countries to have a national policy aimed at maximising the contribution of ICTs. Our policy brief explores the achievements and weaknesses of the policy.

Reporting research: using evidence for effective journalism

11/13/2010 | Panos London

Overview Researchers working for universities, governments or private companies are doing vital investigation into issues – such as clean water, food security and sexual health – that directly affect the everyday life of people around the world. However they often communicate the results only to other researchers. Research findings can create powerful stories for news…

Aid fails to alleviate poverty in Mozambique

03/01/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Despite receiving US$12 billion in aid since peace was established 17 years ago, a new report says there has been no real poverty reduction in Mozambique. And the high levels of aid has also left the government accountable to donors, rather than the people.

Stories to tell, stories to hear

12/02/2009 | Panos London

This video explores, and explains, the process of oral testimony, and why it’s an essential aspect of poverty reduction.

Mega-projects but minor benefits for Mozambique

03/31/2009 | Charles Mangwiro

Mozambique encourages foreign investment. But with a third of jobs going to ex-pats, how do locals benefit?

Poverty pinches Mozambique’s soaring economy

01/29/2009 | Charles Mangwiro

Mozambique's economy is growing fast, investments are rising and it has won praise for governance reforms. But poverty is never far away.

It’s vital to make research public

12/04/2008 | Panos London

Research has much to say to the politicians and policy makers whose decisions affect our lives, according to Joanne Carpenter.

Living with poverty, coping with shame

10/14/2008 | Panos London

Vivid and powerful personal testimonies deepen our understanding of poverty and motivate us to push for change, says Olivia Bennett.

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