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Photo snapshot: basketball in Mali

08/02/2012 | Lilly Peel

A member of the Malian women's basketball team seen through the hoop - Rhodri Jones | Panos Pictures

Today’s photograph captures a member of the Malian women’s basketball team. Basketball is growing in poularity in Africa.

Can ICTs bring about social change in Africa?

06/14/2012 | Lilly Peel

The Arab Spring created a renewed buzz around the role ICTs and social media play in social change. Panos London’s Clodagh Miskelly and Tim Williams are attending a conference to explore how new technologies are being used in Africa.

Persuasion, prison and hard cash: how Nigeria is halting rainforest loss

04/04/2012 | Armsfree Ajanaku

Okoikpi inspecting a tree seedling in the Akasanko forest - Armsfree Ajanaku | Panos London

In this article for the Climate Change Media Partnership, Armsfree looks at what is being done in Nigeria to allow local rainforests to begin to grow back.

From melon to haircuts, prices rise for Nigerians

01/23/2012 | Armsfree Onomo Ajanaku

Odutuyo Muibat - Sunday Akinlolu | Panos London

Armsfree looks into the link between Nigerian fuel subsidies and the recent food price protests, and speaks with the Nigerians affected by these changes.

Replanting Nigeria’s tropical forest

12/02/2011 | Armsfree Onomo Ajanaku

Tree-felling has degraded Nigeria's once-rich forests - Bruce Paton | Panos Pictures

Nigeria, once at the heart of the tropical rainforest belt, has lost around 95 per cent of its forest cover and now imports 75 per cent of its timber. But an initiative – which calls on people living around the forest to repair the damage – is underway.

Nigeria: eroded earth swallows up homes

05/17/2011 | Ugochi Anyaka

Nigerian reporter Ugochi Anyaka witnesses the effects of massive soil erosion and hears possible solutions.

Ugochi Anyaka

05/17/2011 | Anna Egan

Ugochi Anyaka began her broadcasting career as an undergraduate with Imo Broadcasting Corporation in Nigeria. At present, she works for Aso Radio in Abuja and hosts a climate change radio programme Green Angle. She was selected as a Climate Change Media Partnership fellow in 2010: an initiative of IIED, Internews and Panos to improve global…

Linking southern journalists

02/10/2011 | Panos London

The focus of this project is to increase the availability of original, high-quality articles and broadcasts about life in developing countries written by local journalists.

Climate Change Media Partnership

01/30/2011 | Panos London

The media has a key role to play in raising awareness about climate change at both global and local levels. The CCMP project is an exciting programme designed to ensure this will happen.

Polluting gas flares to electrify rural Nigeria

03/02/2010 | Michael Simire

In Nigeria's Delta State, the UN is funding schemes to supply electricity to rural areas using waste gas usually burnt at oil wells.

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