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Hungry in the City

10/12/2011 | Panos London

Inside a Kampala Slum

Hungry in the City is a collection of stories from people in developing countries around the world who explain how they are surviving in an era of higher food prices, inflation and hunger.

Kidnapped and forced to marry

09/08/2011 | Zubaida Noor

Through her NGO, Zubaida Noor, our blogger in Pakistan, is helping a woman who was kidnapped by her parents and forced to marry against her will.

Pakistan: land bought for flood victims

08/12/2011 | Zubaida Noor

A couple stands in a new house built with help from Czech NGO People in Need. Zubaida Noor's NGO is also building homes for flood victims.

The monsoon season has started now and finally we have made some progress in buying land for people who lost their homes in last year’s flood.

Ramadan brings food for the poor

08/02/2011 | Zubaida Noor

Zubaida Noor's charity provides food to hundreds of households during Ramadan

August is the month of Ramadan and we have a lot of activities going on. We give out food packages to around 400 households. These include dry food and goat meat.

Pakistan: outcry against stoning

07/29/2011 | Zubaida Noor

In some Taliban-controlled areas of Pakistan women have been flogged and even stoned for violating Taliban laws

My NGO has recently become involved in the case of a woman who was stoned to death in Bairoch, a village in Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Many bomb blasts go unreported

06/24/2011 | Zubaida Noor

Newspapers are displayed at a road-side news stand in Peshawar

In Peshawar, things are getting worse. Every other day there is a bomb blast. If you ask me, personally I feel I have become immune to all these terror attacks. A lot of the blasts are not even being reported in the media now.

All together now: oral testimony, theatre, media, debate

06/07/2011 | Panos London

This case study explores how communication activities helped a marginalised community in Pakistan to speak out against the pollution ruining their lives.

Bombings become a way of life

05/27/2011 | Zubaida Noor

The remains of car damaged by a roadside bomb

Three members of staff in my NGO were injured in last Friday’s attack on US diplomats in Peshawar. The Taliban attacked two US Consulate cars near our office. My staff members were in their own car, crossing the road about 12 feet away when the car bomb went off.

Panos journalists published in Europe

05/13/2011 | Panos London

Analysis on Osama bin Laden's death by Rina Saeed Khan in Svenska Dagbladet

Several of our journalists involved in Panos London’s Linking Southern Journalists with European Media (LSJ) project have had stories published in European newspapers this month, including an article on the death of Osama bin Laden filed from Abbottabad where the al-Qaeda founder had been hiding.

Preparing for glacier disaster

05/11/2011 | Rina Saeed Khan

Rina Saeed Khan explores a climate change project designed to protect Pakistani mountain villages from glacier collapse.

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