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Nasreen: just surviving

11/01/2007 | Panos London

Nasreen is a 62-year-old woman who lives in Sohchiparah, a poor Hindu community in Sanghar. Her husband works as a shoe repairer – their caste occupation – and his earnings are erratic. Nasreen used to sell bangles, but now goes to different homes begging for aata (flour) with which she makes their daily bread, and…

Nazeer: high standards

11/01/2007 | Panos London

Nazeer is 75, and father of eight. At Partition, his parents left all they owned in India and came to Pakistan, making their living as labourers. He taught himself to read and write a little, and managed to give his sons some basic schooling – several work as rickshaw drivers, an occupation he regards as…

Salma: independent spirit

11/01/2007 | Panos London

Salma, in her late 40s, has lived “like a lioness”, challenging social norms and earning the family’s living. When her husband did not provide for her, she left him, taking their two children, and set up as a tailor in Sanghar. He later joined her but Salma – now a mother of 10 – remains…

Tied to the land

12/21/2006 | Muhammad Ishtiaq

Pakistan has embarked on poverty reduction strategies that do not include land reform – a thorny issue in a country where most farmland belongs to wealthy landowners.

Sex for shelter

12/21/2006 | Shehar Bano Khan

Sexual exploitation of girls is well documented but boys are often overlooked. In Pakistan, child rights workers fear rural poverty is pushing greater numbers of boys into selling their bodies.

Living on a prayer

08/14/2006 | Panos London

An estimated 11,500 people living with HIV and AIDS in Pakistan are in need of antiretroviral therapy. Less than two per cent of these people can afford the treatment. 

Voices from the mountain: Pakistan

01/01/2005 | Panos London

Herding in the pastures, hopes and fears about a new road, and education are key themes in this collection of interviews from a community in the far north of Pakistan.  

Pakistan: Tarbela dam

05/10/2004 | Panos London

The Tarbela Dam in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province was constructed in 1976 and involved the resettlement of more than 80,000 people. Many were moved to a series of townships surrounding the Tarbela reservoir, some moved into higher valleys, while others were resettled in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab. Our partner in Pakistan, the SUNGI…

Pakistan laws are ‘springboards for extremism’

10/22/2003 | Beena Sarwar

The fundamentalist Taliban has been defeated in Afghanistan. But in a province in neighbouring Pakistan, a coalition of religious parties has banned male doctors from conducting ultrasound scans on pregnant women.

Poverty clouds Pakistan’s democracy roadmap

06/26/2003 | Panos London

Keen to secure a $1.4 billion IMF loan, Pakistan has embarked on an economic policy meant to reduce poverty. But it is turning out to be a disaster for the poor.

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