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Celebrating International Mountains Day

12/11/2011 | Siobhan Warrington

Caring for flocks in the high pastures above Shimshal village, July 2000 - David Butz | Panos London

It is nine years since the International Year of Mountains (2002) when Panos London launched the Mountain Voices website, an online archive of testimonies from some 300 men and women living in mountain communities from 10 countries.

Journalists on climate change (part 2)

12/14/2008 | Panos London

Part two of our films from Poznan in Poland where journalists there as part of the Climate Change Media Partnership speak about how climate change is affecting their home countries and how journalism can help.

How Peru shelved its ‘registry of conceived persons’

10/22/2003 | Barbara J Fraser

In May this year Peru's staunchly Catholic health minister ordered public health care providers to keep a "registry of conceived persons" – demanding that women report pregnancies "from the moment of conception."

Peru: Cerro de Pasco

05/10/2002 | Panos London

The Andes mountains stretch 7,250 kms along the western margin of South America. In the area around Cerro de Pasco, people’s herding lifestyle has undergone great change, principally as a result of mining. Our partner Cooperacción works with communities in the Andes affected by the mining industry. Testimonies were collected during 1995 in the Cerro…

Easing the labour pains in Peru’s childbirth culture

01/02/2002 | Panos London

Ill-treatment, coupled with high hospital fees and culturally insensitive behaviour, means many women in Peru prefer to give birth at home. The government is now trying to encourage women back.

Voices from the mountain: Peru

01/01/2002 | Panos London

Interviews from Cerro de Pasco, where people's herding lifestyle has undergone great changes, principally as a result of Peru's most important industry: mining. 

Barbara J Fraser

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Barbara J. Fraser is a freelance writer living in Peru.

Peru sterilisation scandal ‘swept under the carpet’

01/01/2001 | Panos London

Reports of forced sterilisation and the death of women from poor medical care during and after sterilisation have deepened a murky scandal that rocked the government of ex-President Alberto Fujimori.

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