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Sierra Leone

Photo snapshot: amputee football in Freetown

08/29/2012 | Lilly Peel

Sport is used around the world today to rehabilitate people with disabilities. In this photograph, amputee footballers, many of whom were victims of the country’s civil war, practice on the beach in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

From soldier to civilian: the challenge of reintegration

09/21/2010 | Panos London

Overview Armed conflict is an all too familiar theme for journalists in many parts of Africa and Asia. But what happens when the fighting stops? Do people just put down their guns and go home? Do they even have homes to go to? And how will they make a living and support their families? The…

Adaptation pleas fall on deaf ears

04/21/2009 | Harold Williams

Sierra Leone's coastal residents are being flooded year-on-year with property being damaged and livestock being washed into the sea but how can this poor country afford to pay for climate change adaptation?

Water pipe dreams

02/21/2007 | Bai-Bai Sesay

The United Nations' Millennium Development Goals for poverty eradication aim to halve the number of people without access to safe water and sanitation by 2015.

Challenging corruption for the children of Sierra Leone

07/06/2005 | Salamatu Turay

Children around the world came to challenge the leaders of the G8. But in Sierra Leone, can they also challenge the corruption within education?

From guns to mobile phones in Sierra Leone

02/06/2004 | Bai-Bai Sesay

When the guns fell silent in Sierra Leone's 10-year-long civil war, few would have thought that the next big thing would be mobile phones.

Sierra Leone: from ‘rational violence’ to peace

07/01/2001 | Panos London

While rebel groups are disarming, there are concerns that Sierra Leone's new-found peace may not last because the underlying factors that led youths to join the rebel movement remain.

Harold Williams

01/01/2001 | Panos London

Harold Williams is an environmental journalist based in Sierra Leone.

Bai-Bai Sesay

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Bai-Bai Sesay is a Sierra Leonean journalist based in the capital Freetown. He has a Diploma in Journalism from the London School of Journalism in London, UK. He currently works as freelance correspondent for Media24, Highway Africa News Agency (HANA) and is Deputy Editor for a popular independent local newspaper known as Independent Observer Newspaper…

Salamatu Turay

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

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