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Living with HIV in Africa: personal stories

07/23/2012 | Lilly Peel

Aliness Munyanta is HIV positive but her daughter is not, thanks to drugs that help prevent mother to child transmission - Richard Mulonga | Panos London

What does it mean to live with HIV and AIDS in the developing world? With the International AIDS Conference in full swing this week, we have put together a collection of stories and first-person accounts from courageous men and women in Africa who are tackling their HIV status.

Wendy Pekeur: trade unionist

03/08/2012 | Anna Majavu

Wendy Pekeur, union leader - Anna Majavu | Panos London

As part of the Breaking Barriers series, we spoke to Wendy Pekeur, trade unionist in South Africa.

Behind the scenes at the UN climate change conference

01/06/2012 | Tim Williams

Behind the scenes, from Durban, CoP17 - Tim Williams | Panos London

These photos take you through a day of working as part of the Climate Change Media Partnership at the Durban 2011 climate change conference.

Using soccer to teach about rights

12/23/2011 | Anna Majavu

This programme, called “Skillz Street”, was developed specifically for girls and is run by the NGO Grassroot Soccer. It combines activities-based HIV prevention and life skills.

Media partnership boosts global coverage of climate change

12/16/2011 | Panos London

Tens of millions of news consumers of 20 media outlets in 15 countries got a much-needed flow of information about climate change in the past two weeks thanks to an innovative project called the Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP).

Greening South Africa’s energy policies

07/29/2011 | Leonie Joubert

More than 90 per cent of the coal consumed on the African continent is produced in South Africa

South Africa’s energy policies will come under scrutiny as it hosts the UN climate change talks in November.

South Africa | Cecile: staying strong

04/20/2011 | Panos London

Cecile is 33. He left school after failing his matric exam, and is now unemployed. He was diagnosed as HIV positive after being “attacked by TB” in 2000. At first he denied the results – “I did not tell anybody”. But after a second test he joined a support group where he made friends who…

Breaking barriers: Women in a man’s world

04/06/2011 | Panos London

Panos London presents six case studies of women who are defying stereotypes to tackle poverty and gender inequality in developing countries.

Dams and development

03/30/2011 | Panos London

The topic guide considers areas of potential conflict between countries, concerns over policy guidelines regarding dam building and the socio-economic impact of displacement.

Women are key to tackling inequality and global poverty in developing countries says Panos London

03/06/2011 | Panos London

Economic pressures are encouraging more women to challenge taboos and find success in roles traditionally held by men in some developing countries, says Mark Wilson, Executive Director of Panos London. To mark the centenary year of International Women’s Day on March 8, Panos London has produced a case study media pack profiling extraordinary women from around the world who have taken on roles previously deemed just for men.

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