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Mekki: migration for survival

09/01/2007 | Panos London

Mekki is 51 and began work as a cattle herder when he was seven. He came to own 90 head of livestock and talks of the past as a time when”everything was available” . All this changed with the 1984 drought: pests and desertification destroyed the protective vegetation surrounding the village, the land became unproductive…

Naema: nothing the same

09/01/2007 | Panos London

Naema is 88, and fondly remembers when land and livestock were productive and “no one travelled abroad” for work. “Life was very good,” she says. The 1984 drought changed things in her village which, despite receiving aid from a Kuwaiti organisation, could not protect itself from the encroaching sands. Today, few crops can be cultivated…

Osman: make land productive

09/01/2007 | Panos London

Osman grew up with his grandfather who didn’t want him to go to school, but taught him to read and write. He looked after the family’s animals and travelled locally with traders before migrating to Egypt and then Saudi Arabia for work. After more than 10 years away, he returned to Sudan and got married….

Sayda: women’s lives

09/01/2007 | Panos London

Sayda is 22, and does voluntary work as a teacher. She has seven brothers and three sisters, two of whom work while the others are at school. This is an unusual situation in her community, where” most of the boys are expelled from the schools because of the [unpaid] fees… The little ones work as…

Blinded by sand

06/14/2007 | Abbas Hassan Ahmed

When the desert crept into the village of El Ihemrat in Sudan's Northern Kordofan region, it claimed El Nour Abd Elrasol's wealth, his eyesight and his future. 

Paul Jimbo

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Paul Jimbo is a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication, a fellow with United Nations Framework for Climate Change (UNFCCC) and COM +( an alliance of communicators). From Sudan, he uses his profession to empower women and children, who are often the most vulnerable in any society. Paul has been published in Gazeta four times…

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