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Young and old in an age of ageing

11/14/2001 | Panos London

Teenagers in Ghana, Northern Ireland, Romania and Russia tell us what they think it means to be old and how they feel about old people in their own lives. 

Growing up in Africa

11/08/2001 | Panos London

Chris Mugalu, a young radio broadcaster from Uganda introduces us to some of the challenges that face young men growing up in Africa today.

Race and racism

10/11/2001 | Panos London

In Johannesburg, South Africa, Nomsa Mwamuka asks a group of girls from different ethnic backgrounds if racism is alive and kicking in their world. 

The human cost of climate change

08/03/2001 | Panos London

Climate change isn’t a problem we can leave for future generations to tackle – it's happening now. Mark Lynas travels to Alaska to see the dramatic effects for himself.

Brasilia, the city that was built from scratch

06/07/2001 | Panos London

Brazil's young capital city was designed by planners in the mid 20th century. But has their dream come true? Paula Gobbi reports.   

Fancy a drink?

05/03/2001 | Panos London

Young people worldwide are choosing to drink more alcohol, more often and at a younger age. But this can also bring social problems. Teenagers from Zimbabwe talk to Nomsa Mwamuka. 

Nomads in the city

10/12/2000 | Panos London

In East Africa, migrants from different nomadic tribes talk about their experience – good and bad – of moving to a big city. 

Gays talk straight

08/11/2000 | Panos London

President Mugabe once said that homosexuals were like pigs and dogs. In Zimbabwe, young gay men break taboos to talk candidly to Craig Hamilton about their sexuality. 

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