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South Africa: HIV, we are all affected

11/25/2008 | Panos London

This five minute interview explores how HIV continues to affect families in South Africa. Abigail Ntleko, a nursing sister has spent much of her adult life caring for families with HIV and she has adopted scores of children.

Going hungry in hospital

08/19/2008 | Collins Vumiria

Decent food is vital to aid recovery from TB. In Uganda, the end of a vital nutritional programme means tough times lie ahead for those fighting the illness.

Families beat TB together

08/19/2008 | Arnold Tutu

Zambia is trying to prevent TB from spreading by focusing on the home. Health professionals visit patients at home, offering support and counselling to other family members.

Testing times for TB in prisons

08/18/2008 | Frank Kapesa

Prisons can be a breeding ground for TB. How are warders in Malawi fighting the spread of the disease?

Like ducks to water

04/11/2008 | Siraj Shahjahan

In Bangladesh Shamsur Rahman Shaq and Mosamot Amena Begaumin are flooded for a third of the year round. But they have found a way to survive on their waterlogged land.

Farmers insure against bad weather

04/11/2008 | Frank Kapesa

A UN backed report suggests that weather insurance could help raise farmers out of poverty. We report from a project in central Malawi; the first to adopt it in Africa.

Harsh lessons in climate change

04/11/2008 | Winnie Onyimbo

Droughts are devastating the lives of many Kenyan farmers. Some are learning to adapt using drought-resistant seeds, while others may be forced to give up working on the land.

Songs of freedom

03/05/2008 | Abdul Saboor Noorzad

In Kabul one of Afghanistan's best loved actresses and radio personalities Anisa Wahab talks about her 11 years as a refugee in Pakistan.

A dangerous junkyard

03/05/2008 | Gokul Nair

What happens to the old computers, televisions and mobile phones when people go in for newer models?  They probably end up in India's junkyards, waiting to be recycled.

The rickshaw puller

03/05/2008 | Siraj Shahjahan

Forced by famine, floods and debt, an estimated nine out of ten rickshaw drivers have migrated to Dhaka, swelling the ranks of the city's urban poor.

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