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Nomads in the city

10/12/2000 | Panos London

In East Africa, migrants from different nomadic tribes talk about their experience – good and bad – of moving to a big city. 

Gays talk straight

08/11/2000 | Panos London

President Mugabe once said that homosexuals were like pigs and dogs. In Zimbabwe, young gay men break taboos to talk candidly to Craig Hamilton about their sexuality. 

Egyptian women count the cost of ‘pain killer’ divorce

03/10/2000 | Panos London

In Egypt a controversial new divorce law has just been passed. Some hope women will now be free to divorce. Others point out that poor women may not be able to afford them.

Experts show reformers the lie of the land

03/10/2000 | Panos London

A researcher says South Africa must learn from Zimbabwe's experience of land reform and give people more than just land if it wants to improve the lives of the rural poor.

Exiled to cyberia

03/10/2000 | Panos London

The latest development buzzword is 'knowledge', hailed as the solution to world poverty. But whose knowledge are we talking about and is it accessible to all?

Rape survivors slam ‘executioner’ government over AIDS drugs

03/10/2000 | Panos London

South Africa's rape victims, having survived one ordeal, face the harrowing possibility of death through AIDS. Their one hope is an expensive drug treatment, which the government denies them.

Zimbabwe in reverse gear as court ends women’s rights

10/31/1999 | Panos London

The Zimbabwe Supreme Court has shocked equal rights campaigners by relegating African women to the status of 'junior males' within the family.

Climate Change Media Partnership features

| Panos London

The Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) is made up of Panos, Internews and the International Institute for Environment and Development.

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