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‘Dazzle me’ editor tells climate change reporters

09/13/2012 | Magdalena Rossmann

As climate change is pulled down the news agenda, how do journalists in countries most affected by climate change get their readers excited about the topic?

Tamil Nadu’s shrinking islets spell sea change

06/10/2011 | Gokul Chandrasekar

A fisherman in Tamil Nadu returns to shore with his Kattumaram raft and a net bursting with fish

A network of tiny islands in Tamil Nadu is shrinking due to a rise in sea water in the estuary. Experts fear the impact of a rise in sea levels on India’s coasts yet CCMP fellow Gokul Chandrasekar finds the Indian government has no regulation for the impact of climate change on the coastline.

Soap opera to tackle climate change

04/06/2011 | Andrea Downer

The producers of the Caribbean’s first radio soap opera to address climate change know a thing or two about extreme weather. Recording for the pilot series of My Island, My Community had to be put on hold after Hurricane Tomas destroyed their offices in St Lucia in November.

Dams and development

03/30/2011 | Panos London

The topic guide considers areas of potential conflict between countries, concerns over policy guidelines regarding dam building and the socio-economic impact of displacement.

When every drop counts

12/08/2010 | Servaas van den Bosch

A report from Nambia where people are suffering from drought, that looks at ways that people are adapting to the problem.

Ethiopian inequality will widen says climate report

06/14/2010 | Tania Ghosh

A new study predicts the effects of climate change will reduce Ethiopia's economic growth and widen the gap between the country's poorest and richest people by 20 per cent.

Fishermen overlooked by climate change research

05/17/2010 | Tania Ghosh

More than 500 million people rely on fishing to make a living yet there is little information about how their livelihoods are affected by climate change, according to researchers in Malaysia. A new report by the World Fish Center in Penang, Malaysia, now aims to fill this research gap.

Did state politics shelve the GM aubergine?

02/17/2010 | Pierre Fitter

Last week India halted the commercial release of the world’s first genetically modified aubergine, or brinjal as it is known locally. While public interest has been hailed as the reason for sending the vegetable into cold storage, Pierre Fitter says it’s all about state politics.

Dying marine life spells woe for Namibian economy

12/15/2009 | Servaas van den Bosch

The Benguela is lauded as the current of plenty but the future of its rich marine ecosystem is uncertain. Scientists fear warming seas will spell disaster for the economy of the region where the Atlantic, Indian and Southern oceans meet.

From famine to feast

08/17/2009 | Anna Majavu

No more hunger, plentiful cheap food and small scale farmers living off the fat of the land. African activists say a continent self-sufficient in food is well within reach. But will this vision create long term problems for the continent's poorest farmers?

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