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Did state politics shelve the GM aubergine?

02/17/2010 | Pierre Fitter

Last week India halted the commercial release of the world’s first genetically modified aubergine, or brinjal as it is known locally. While public interest has been hailed as the reason for sending the vegetable into cold storage, Pierre Fitter says it’s all about state politics.

Biofuels: climate change cure?

11/16/2006 | Newton Sibanda

The challenges posed by climate change have generated a surge of solutions including biofuels. But not everyone is convinced by this 'wonder fuel'.

Farmers cotton on

05/28/2006 | Panos London

Biotech cotton failed many farmers in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh – but it worked for some. Three cotton farmers give accounts of their gamble with biotechnology. 

Picking up the threads

05/28/2006 | Panos London

India's southern state of Andhra Pradesh has been at the heart of the controversy over BT cotton. We spoke to farmers and to the academic Dr Shiv Visvanatan. 

Strange trees

05/28/2006 | Panos London

The biotech industry is looking at ways of producing wood and paper more efficiently. But environmental campaigners are worried that future genetically modified forests could pose risks. 

Material gains

05/28/2006 | Panos London

Farmers in the Makhathini Flats in South Africa have been growing BT cotton since 1998. But there are contradictory reports about their success. 

The benefits of biodiversity: winners and losers

03/30/2006 | Ochieng' Ogodo

Recent cases of patents claimed on drugs and crops deriving from traditional knowledge may have grabbed headlines, but have often resulted in a poor deal for indigenous groups.

Cartagena Protocol – what does Africa do now?

03/22/2006 | Ochieng' Ogodo

The Biosafety Protocol meeting in Brazil has concluded. But, as Ochieng' Ogodo reports, many African countries are concerned about their ability to implement the measures they've signed up to.

Hungry nations demand truth about GM and food aid

03/22/2006 | Ebenezer T Bifubyeka

The international biosafety meeting in Brazil has made a compromise deal labelling GM food imports. But East African countries are concerned they still won't be sure if food aid contains GM.

GM crops beckon as Zimbabwe seeks farm growth

03/13/2006 | Kudzai Chingarande

Biotechnology can give a huge boost to maize and cotton production. But policymakers in Zimbabwe need to weigh up the health and environmental risks of using GMOs.

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