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The uncounted people: waste-pickers of India

03/21/2012 | Stella Paul

Woman picking over burning piles of rubbish on the edge of Mumbai's biggest slum, Dharavi, a thriving mix of poverty and enterprise that is home to over one million people - Mark Henley | Panos Pictures

It would be hard to call it a “living” but waste-picking allows Chinnamma to pay the Rs 1,500 monthly rent on her hut in a nearby slum. Without it she would be evicted. However, her means of survival is now under threat.

“What women need is economic independence”

01/04/2012 | Bhan Sahu

Bhan Sahu

In her first blog, Bhan Sahu tells us about rural entrepreneurs in the Indian village of Vihiri, who are taking their futures in their own hands.

Greening South Africa’s energy policies

07/29/2011 | Leonie Joubert

More than 90 per cent of the coal consumed on the African continent is produced in South Africa

South Africa’s energy policies will come under scrutiny as it hosts the UN climate change talks in November.

“Meat and soda – that’s all we want for Christmas”

12/23/2010 | Machrine Birungi

Machrine Birungi offers a tour of the financial problems that are effecting ordinary Ugandans as they prepare for Christmas this year. From the price of soda, meat and vegetables it may be a smaller celebration for many in 2010 as their shillings drop in value on the global market.

A simple vision: to light up Africa

07/27/2010 | Geoffrey Kamadi

A bicycle wheel, an assortment of mirrors and a ball of string seem unlikely components for a piece of cutting edge green technology. But this unwieldy-looking ‘solar concentrator' is the latest product of a renewable energy revolution spreading across Kenya.

Diplomatic tip-toeing gives way to strong words at Bonn

06/11/2010 | Rina Saeed Khan

“It will be tragic, a holocaust… I warn all the world that it will be at the expense of one billion people. We can’t afford to lose the battle.”

From poacher to gamekeeper

06/04/2010 | Eugene Kwibuka

In Rwanda a conservationist realised that the only way to stop poachers would be to offer them an alternative to poaching. So he helped them to become gamekeepers.

Uganda: Wetlands dry up as rice demand soars

06/02/2010 | Emmanuel Okella

Uganda's wetlands have provided drainage and prevented flooding during rainy seasons for centuries. But rice is rapidly replacing traditional crops, and becoming an environmental liability in the process.

The new face of taxi driving in New Delhi

06/01/2010 | Panos London

Meenu Vadera, executive director of Azad Foundation, continues, "The transformation during the course is so significant. You can see it in their body language, in their speech, their ability to negotiate. I think it’s partly stepping into a very different world. Learning to drive is like learning to swim or ride a bicycle: once you have got over the initial hesitation it makes you feel powerful." Credits: Suzanne Lee / Panos London

In New Delhi a small NGO is changing the face of taxi driving by training, and empowering, women to become taxi drivers and chauffeurs.

Emissions fears grow as Indian car sales rise

05/19/2010 | Athar Parvaiz

Indian car sales are booming thanks to easy credit and cheap manufacturing. But who is counting the environmental cost?

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