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Wellcome Trust supports ‘academic spring’

04/10/2012 | Panos London

Kelly Green, Cancer Research Scientist at Cancer Research UK, Cambridge - David Rose | Panos Pictures

One of the world’s largest funders of science research has given its support to a growing campaign for publicly-funded research papers to be shared openly online.

Protestors, power and mega-dams

03/25/2011 | Tania Ghosh

Mega-dams have caused controversy around the world. The Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric project, being constructed in Arunachal Pradesh, North-east India is no exception.

US bulldozer tactics at close range

06/11/2010 | Emmanuel Okella

The failed Copenhagen talks meant this latest round of negotiations was characterised by suspicion and mistrust between wealthy and developing nations. But developing nations seem to be showing a united front.

Sudan and Egypt won’t be signing up anytime soon

06/11/2010 | David Akana

Close to 45 of the 53 countries that make up the African Union arrived at the latest round of climate talks in Bonn having signed the much criticised Copenhagen Accord. But not Sudan, Zimbabwe, Niger, Cameroon, Sao Tome & Principe, Equatorial Guinea and Egypt.

Street children start out as school truants, says South African study

03/22/2010 | Tania Ghosh

School truancy could act as an early warning sign helping authorities to identify children at risk of becoming homeless, according to a report on street children in South Africa.

Poor failed by corruption in fertiliser programme

12/22/2009 | Tania Ghosh

A research article on Malawi's fertiliser subsidy programme claims organised crime and corruption linked to the scheme has undermined its potential benefits for the poor.

At the heart of change

09/01/2007 | Panos London

Belonging to a cooperative group gives these women in Cameroon the chance to communicate their views more widely. Sustainable development demands that people participate in the debates and decisions that affect their lives / Giacomo Pirozzi - Panos Pictures

In this landmark publication Panos London sets out our vision for the role of communication in long-term, sustainable development.

Uganda’s battle to get pills to patients

07/02/2007 | Richard Kavuma

In Uganda donor money has secured HIV treatment for tens of thousands of people. But corruption has led to drug shortages while poverty and fear deter many from seeking treatment.

Health for all?

03/30/2007 | Panos London

In a bid to improve rural health, Zambia has announced the abolition of fees for using health clinics. Arnold Tutu visited the rural district of Chongwe to check on progress.

Water pipe dreams

02/21/2007 | Bai-Bai Sesay

The United Nations' Millennium Development Goals for poverty eradication aim to halve the number of people without access to safe water and sanitation by 2015.

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