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Poverty driving corruption

02/21/2007 | Mildred Mpundu

Mildred Mpundu takes a taxi ride in Zambia to uncover the reasons behind corruption among traffic officers. 

Buying your way out of hunger

02/01/2007 | Panos London

Many experts believe donations of food aid to poorer countries makes it harder to recover from a food crisis. A scheme in western Zambia gives assistance in cash. 

Wealth in a handful of grain

12/21/2006 | Frederico Katerere

Mozambique once had a strong network of rural banks. Since the banking sector was privatised those numbers have dwindled, leaving people little option but to hide their savings and hope.

World Bank’s vice president for South Asia replies to PRSP critics

10/18/2006 | Praful Patel

Responding to the World Bank's vice president for South Asia, Praful Patel, argues that the World Bank and Bangladesh are development partners – but that Bangladesh owns its anti-poverty plan.

Why the rich won’t budge on farm subsidies

07/28/2006 | John Madeley

World trade talks have collapsed in Geneva over America's and Europe's refusal to cut the billions of dollars they provide in support to their agricultural sector.

Hungry nations demand truth about GM and food aid

03/22/2006 | Ebenezer T Bifubyeka

The international biosafety meeting in Brazil has made a compromise deal labelling GM food imports. But East African countries are concerned they still won't be sure if food aid contains GM.

Youth unemployment takes the shine off economic growth

03/01/2006 | Maura Quatorze

Education and vocational skills are essential for young people to find work and improve their quality of life. Education needs to be linked with strategies for creating jobs in Mozambique.

Hard currency

12/15/2005 | Panos London

Tourism in Ghana is on the up, and the foreigners are bringing in much-needed hard currency. But the tourism authorities and jobless young people have clashed.

Wood works

04/08/2005 | Panos London

Jobs in Malawi are scarce. At the last count only 13 per cent of the country was employed. But local groups are making efforts to get young people into work.

How the internet bypasses Ugandan farmers

01/01/2005 | Jennifer Bakyawa

When Uganda joined the internet bandwagon less than a decade ago it had hopes of delivering important information to farmers but today much of the information bypasses them.

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