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Power to the people

11/08/2004 | Panos London

Many in Ghana’s capital Accra say electricity costs are too high while wages stay low – even though the government still cushions prices through subsidies. Edwin Kumah-Drah reports. 

Walking the talk of ‘trickle down’ in Kenya

05/02/2004 | John Kamau

The failure of Kenya's new government to deliver on promises of jobs is leaving the poor increasingly frustrated. Small coffee plantations in particular continue to languish in poverty.

HIV cash for Mozambique

02/06/2004 | Ruth Ayisi

Mozambique is set to receive million of dollars in aid this year to fund its new HIV/AIDS strategy. Non-governmental players could ensure the money reaches villages and other needy areas.

Cambodia’s two poverty plans

12/17/2003 | Khieu Kola

Most countries struggle with one – but Cambodia's government has got two poverty plans to put into action, each developed by a different donor.

The sinister targets of Indian health camps

10/22/2003 | Sreelatha Menon

India is supposed to be pursuing an internationally-agreed target-free approach to promoting women's reproductive health and rights. But on the ground targets rule supreme.

The Tanzanian poverty puzzle: Arusha or Washington?

08/21/2003 | Panos London

Tanzania's latest attempt to cut poverty has moved the country further away from its African socialist roots. Opinion is divided on whether it's a step in the right direction.

‘We aren’t hooked on handouts’ challenge Liberian refugees

08/21/2003 | Panos London

There are 45,000 Liberians in Ghana – refugees from the Liberian war that began in 1989. They dispel the myths that refugees are hooked on government and UN handouts.

Poverty clouds Pakistan’s democracy roadmap

06/26/2003 | Panos London

Keen to secure a $1.4 billion IMF loan, Pakistan has embarked on an economic policy meant to reduce poverty. But it is turning out to be a disaster for the poor.

Civil-military relations: the unfolding crisis in Iraq

03/20/2003 | Panos London

Once the war against Iraq is over, a major humanitarian crisis is expected to unfold. How the international community responds will be governed by a doctrine called CIMIC – Civil Military Cooperation.

Scandal prompts Zambian rethink

01/01/2003 | Panos London

Western aid poured into Zambia when Frederick Chiluba became president and began rolling out his economic reforms programme. Now Chiluba faces corruption charges and Zambia remains one of the poorest nations.

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