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Discrimination at the clinic

06/18/2012 | Clodagh Miskelly

Tell us about the first time you went to get tested - Panos London

A young African gay man talks about what happens when you go to get tested for HIV. He challenges the appropriateness of some of the questions he finds discriminatory and can stop African men from getting tested.

We can be proud of what we’ve achieved

11/09/2011 | Panos London

An educational programme in Soshanguve township in Pretoria, South Africa which teaches vulnerable young people about HIV while improving their footballing skills. Panos London's HIV interventions are based on understanding who is vulnerable to HIV and why. Robin Hammond | Panos Pictures

As part of our 25th anniversary series, Martin Foreman tells us about Panos’ work on HIV and AIDS – how he became involved and the work that helped shape the global approach to the epidemic.

The red lights of Jakarta

12/01/2010 | Purple Romero

Our photo essay follows a day in the life of Seruni, a 23 year-old Indonesian waria, a man who has assumed a female identity. She lives in Jakarta where she makes money as a sex-worker.

The Waria’s War

12/01/2010 | Purple Romero

When Bea became a sex worker in the red light district of Jakarta, Indonesia, she knew she needed to use condoms to protect herself from HIV but her clients refused to use them.

Men who have sex with men and HIV policies in developing countries

07/14/2010 | Panos London

Overview Leaders from around the world will meet in Vienna to attend the XVIII International AIDS conference this month. The overarching theme of the conference, cited on the website, is the “emphasis on the importance of protecting and promoting human rights as a prerequisite to a successful response to HIV”. The conference is particularly focused…

Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill threatens HIV/AIDS fight

03/17/2010 | Wambi Michael

HIV campaigners fear a homophobic bill currently being discussed by the Uganda parliament will lead to further stigmatisation of the gay community in Uganda and could stop HIV positive people from accessing treatment and hamper the fight against HIV and AIDS.

HIV and men who have sex with men

08/06/2008 | Andrea Downer

Are world governments in denial about the crisis facing MSMs?

When the Bush marriage bureau rolls into town

08/01/2004 | Amber Novak

George Bush's views on same-sex marriage have been a red-hot issue in the US presidential campaign. Less known is his proposal to use heterosexual marriage to get single mothers off benefits.

Women’s self respect vs the barrel of the gun

03/01/2004 | John Ludwick

Murder, abduction, torture and rape have not stopped women's groups in Colombia from working and marching for peace. If anything, their peace movement has grown and even flourished.

Men living as women

09/01/2003 | Panos London

Colourful drag acts are part of mainstream tourism in Havana, but how easy is it for men to live openly as women? Thembi Mutch reports. 

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