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The motivations behind African peacekeeping contributions

04/26/2010 | Tania Ghosh

States that are poorer, have lower "state legitimacy" or lower levels of political repression, are likely to contribute higher number of troops to regional peacekeeping operations suggests a new report.

Afghanistan aid groups say NATO threatens their neutrality

04/21/2010 | Aunohita Mojumdar

Humanitarian groups in Afghanistan say NATO's involvement in development aid threatens to undermine the neutrality of aid workers, as well as putting them in danger. 

Communication at the heart of change

04/16/2010 | Panos London

Communication at the heart of change explains the essential role that information and communication plays in development.

Evicted by the World Cup

04/12/2010 | Mandisi Majavu

Evictees from informal settlements near World Cup venues in South Africa have been promised decent homes. But many feel angry, saying they have been dumped in transit areas far from transport, work and schools.

Developing countries eye top UN climate job

03/18/2010 | Harry Surjadi

The race for the UN's top climate change post is heating up with calls for it to go to a candidate from a developing country. Alongside South Africa, frontrunners include India and Indonesia. We weigh up the candidates.

Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill threatens HIV/AIDS fight

03/17/2010 | Wambi Michael

HIV campaigners fear a homophobic bill currently being discussed by the Uganda parliament will lead to further stigmatisation of the gay community in Uganda and could stop HIV positive people from accessing treatment and hamper the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Research interrogates Colombia’s counter-narcotics gains

01/18/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Officials from Colombia's counter-narcotics strategy have overstated the extent of security improvements in regions affected by drug-related conflict, according to researchers.

Zambia: Farming revolution

01/12/2010 | Arnold Tutu

Zambia is pumping money into the commercial farming sector in the hope of turning around its economy. With overseas investors being invited to run farms on prime agricultural land, can smaller Zambian farmers hope to compete?

Indian labour laws not enforced, says report

12/07/2009 | Tania Ghosh

Labour inspections in India are failing to protect workers in the informal economy. A new report calls for tougher enforcement and says existing labour laws should be expanded to cover more workers.

Ghana: Taxation, what’s in it for me?

11/27/2009 | Isaac Tetteh

Ghana's government is keen to raise more income from tax. Over the past 30 years successive governments have tried to push through tax reforms but some have been violently opposed by the public, meaning the current government is taking a different approach.

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