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From ridicule to fulfillment; ‘I have made the journey’

06/06/2012 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

Ambra showing her son's high school marks - Thingnam Anjulika Samom | Panos London

Talking of her own ‘journey from victimhood to self-reliance,’ Ambra blogs about how a moment of determination was the turning point for her and her sons.

Next steps for the Noor Education Trust

10/03/2011 | Zubaida Noor

A woman walks home caught in in a monsoon storm in Dhaka.

My NGO, the Noor Education Trust, is going through a transitional phase. My staff have spent the last two weeks in the field assessing the main violence related issues for women. They are also looking at the differences our programmes have made and collecting data.

Pakistan: land bought for flood victims

08/12/2011 | Zubaida Noor

A couple stands in a new house built with help from Czech NGO People in Need. Zubaida Noor's NGO is also building homes for flood victims.

The monsoon season has started now and finally we have made some progress in buying land for people who lost their homes in last year’s flood.

Brazil: women builders construct new lives

08/08/2011 | Ana Aranha

Sandra Ferreira de Souza sieves piles of earth which she will use for making bricks

A group of women in Brazil have learned the basics of the building trade, thanks to Lua Nova, a non-profit organisation that helps pregnant women facing high-risk situations such as homelessness, drug addiction and domestic violence.

South Sudan takes final steps to statehood

07/08/2011 | Paul Jimbo

The Republic of South Sudan will celebrate its independence on July 9, 2011

Juba, the capital city of the world’s newest nation, the Republic of South Sudan, has spent the months leading to its independence celebrations undergoing a $60m facelift.

Many bomb blasts go unreported

06/24/2011 | Zubaida Noor

Newspapers are displayed at a road-side news stand in Peshawar

In Peshawar, things are getting worse. Every other day there is a bomb blast. If you ask me, personally I feel I have become immune to all these terror attacks. A lot of the blasts are not even being reported in the media now.

Colombia: housing to fight climate change

06/14/2011 | Maria Valencia

Following a fire, planners seized the chance to build homes designed to cope with Riosucio’s increasingly devastating floods. More houses like these will be needed to adjust to Colombia’s ‘new climate reality’.

Bombings become a way of life

05/27/2011 | Zubaida Noor

The remains of car damaged by a roadside bomb

Three members of staff in my NGO were injured in last Friday’s attack on US diplomats in Peshawar. The Taliban attacked two US Consulate cars near our office. My staff members were in their own car, crossing the road about 12 feet away when the car bomb went off.

Speaking out on rural poverty

12/07/2010 | Panos London

Siobhan Warrington, Head of Oral Testimony at Panos London speaks about the latest collection of testimonies, that Panos London created, for the International Fund for Agricultural Development’s (IFAD) Rural Poverty Report 2011 that was launched on the 6th December.

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