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Indigenous peoples

I am being followed because of my videos

01/13/2012 | Bhan Sahu

Bhan's one-room house - Stella Paul | Panos London

“It is the second time in six months that I had been called to the police station. The last time it happened, my landlord asked me to vacate the house immediately, saying he didn’t want any trouble. In the police station they asked me if I knew any Maoists.”

Celebrating International Mountains Day

12/11/2011 | Siobhan Warrington

Caring for flocks in the high pastures above Shimshal village, July 2000 - David Butz | Panos London

It is nine years since the International Year of Mountains (2002) when Panos London launched the Mountain Voices website, an online archive of testimonies from some 300 men and women living in mountain communities from 10 countries.

Dams and development

03/30/2011 | Panos London

The topic guide considers areas of potential conflict between countries, concerns over policy guidelines regarding dam building and the socio-economic impact of displacement.

Protestors, power and mega-dams

03/25/2011 | Tania Ghosh

Mega-dams have caused controversy around the world. The Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric project, being constructed in Arunachal Pradesh, North-east India is no exception.

Brazil’s Roma say ‘We are here’

04/06/2010 | Natalia Viana

Brazil is home to hundreds of thousands of Roma. Like many European Roma they have spent centuries on the margins of society. Now Brazil's government is taking steps to stop their culture dying out.

Forest rights row exposes cracks in UN climate plans

05/27/2009 | Hilary Chiew

Landless farmers, in Indonesia and Malaysia, fear they will suffer if tropical countries get cash to save forests.

Celebrating the uncelebrated

05/14/2008 | Panos London

In the run up to the International Day for Sharing Life Stories, Siobhan Warrington calls for people's own experiences to underpin development work.

Biofuels: climate change cure?

11/16/2006 | Newton Sibanda

The challenges posed by climate change have generated a surge of solutions including biofuels. But not everyone is convinced by this 'wonder fuel'.

Return our forest

11/14/2006 | Panos London

The 1997 Kyoto Protocol resulted in investors lining up to finance huge tree plantations. But some accuse developing countries of clearing land better suited to crops, or driving indigenous peoples away.

The benefits of biodiversity: winners and losers

03/30/2006 | Ochieng' Ogodo

Recent cases of patents claimed on drugs and crops deriving from traditional knowledge may have grabbed headlines, but have often resulted in a poor deal for indigenous groups.

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