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Behind the scenes at the UN climate change conference

01/06/2012 | Tim Williams

Behind the scenes, from Durban, CoP17 - Tim Williams | Panos London

These photos take you through a day of working as part of the Climate Change Media Partnership at the Durban 2011 climate change conference.

Media partnership boosts global coverage of climate change

12/16/2011 | Panos London

Tens of millions of news consumers of 20 media outlets in 15 countries got a much-needed flow of information about climate change in the past two weeks thanks to an innovative project called the Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP).

Communicating climate change without the clutter

12/07/2011 | Armsfree Onomo Ajanaku

The sheer edge of the Equip Sermia glacier that calves into a fjord within the cluster of islands to the East of the famous Disko Bay. The glacier was photographed from the air on the West Greenland coast - Nick Cobbing | Panos Pictures

Armsfree Ajanaku tries to strip away some of the jargon common to climate change debates. Read the original article with the Climate Change Media Partnership

Panos London coverage on World AIDS Day

12/05/2011 | Panos London

Purple Romero features in SvD on 2-12-2011

To mark World AIDS Day, Panos London produced a set of features on the issue of HIV and AIDS. They offered readers insights into the experiences of people living with, fighting against and being educated about the global epidemic.

Community Media Forum Europe 2011

11/28/2011 | Tim Williams

The Home for Cooperation in Cyprus, inside the 'Dead Zone' - Tim Williams | Panos London

Tim Williams, Panos London’s senior advisor for Media, blogs following the first Community Media Forum Europe held in Cyprus. He believes that in our post Arab-spring, social-networked world, community media is now more relevant than ever.

Sharing research communication skills in Portugal

11/18/2011 | Panos London

Clube de Journalistas - Annie Hoban | Panos London

“I shared insights, from the experience of the Relay programme, about working with researchers and the media to build relationships and communication skills to reach the wider public through media coverage.”

Food price hikes lead to more hunger in cities

10/12/2011 | Panos London

Inside a Kampala Slum

In response to recent reports on food security and concerns about famine, Panos London today launched a new case study series, Hungry in the City, which investigates the effects of food price hikes and rising inflation on people’s ability to find food for themselves and their families.

Hungry in the City

10/12/2011 | Panos London

Inside a Kampala Slum

Hungry in the City is a collection of stories from people in developing countries around the world who explain how they are surviving in an era of higher food prices, inflation and hunger.

Knight Fellowship at the Global Forum for Media Development

10/02/2011 | Panos London

The GFMD is looking for a Fellow who will help to develop a long-term mission and sustainability strategy that strengthens and expands its membership.

Tax research on primetime Ugandan radio

08/03/2011 | Tania Ghosh

Tax and governance issues hit primetime airways in Uganda as a result of a workshop bringing journalists and researchers together.

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