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Sex workers

‘No alternatives’ drive HIV positive woman to sex work

04/16/2012 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

An AIDS awareness poster hangs in a corner of Nungshi's hut - Anjulika Thingnam | Panos London

Caring for two children can be difficult in Manipur, especially when you have no means of stable income. Some women turn to the only source of income available to them. Women Action for Development has been supporting Nungshi (not her real name) to start a new life.

Improving media coverage and debate on sexual and reproductive health research in Kenya

01/20/2011 | Panos London

This 12-month Panos/Realising Rights project aims to spark evidence-informed stakeholder and public debate on SRH issues in Kenya by working with editors and journalists, health researchers, CSOs, policymakers and communities.  Activities included: SRH mapping: identifying gaps in media coverage and barriers to research communication and stakeholder engagement Multi-stakeholder forum: promoting opportunities for collaboration to promote…

The red lights of Jakarta

12/01/2010 | Purple Romero

Our photo essay follows a day in the life of Seruni, a 23 year-old Indonesian waria, a man who has assumed a female identity. She lives in Jakarta where she makes money as a sex-worker.

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