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Men who have sex with men and HIV policies in developing countries

07/14/2010 | Panos London

Overview Leaders from around the world will meet in Vienna to attend the XVIII International AIDS conference this month. The overarching theme of the conference, cited on the website, is the “emphasis on the importance of protecting and promoting human rights as a prerequisite to a successful response to HIV”. The conference is particularly focused…

Macho culture fuels spread of TB in prisons

05/10/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Macho culture in South American prisons is helping to fuel the spread of tuberculosis (TB) among male inmates, according to researchers. A new study suggests that male inmates are reluctant to tell their cellmates they are ill and fail to seek medical attention in case they appear weak.

Cape Town sex workers call for law reform

04/28/2010 | Anna Majavu

Vice squads in Cape Town have been cracking down on the city's sex trade ahead of the World Cup. However, female sex workers say continued criminalisation makes it harder to protect themselves against HIV.

Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill threatens HIV/AIDS fight

03/17/2010 | Wambi Michael

HIV campaigners fear a homophobic bill currently being discussed by the Uganda parliament will lead to further stigmatisation of the gay community in Uganda and could stop HIV positive people from accessing treatment and hamper the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Is fear of violence fuelling AIDS in Uganda?

05/26/2009 | Kakaire Kirunda

In Uganda concerns are growing that the fear of a violent reaction from famiy and friends to an HIV positive status may be leading to people avoiding the test, which could lead to an increase in HIV and AIDS infections.

Jamaican women face greater risk of HIV

05/26/2009 | Keisha Shakespeare-Blackmore

Economic and social issues are creating a situation in Jamaica where women are at higher risk of contracting HIV, especially those from low-income communities.

Tackling drug-resistant TB through community care

04/07/2009 | Anso Thom

In Khayelitsha, South Africa, people are involved in a groundbreaking project on treating drug-resistant patients in the community rather than hospital.

Growing pains photo story

12/14/2008 | Panos London

Poverty and AIDS challenge communities across South Africa, but the impact on children is often less visible. In this picture gallery follow the story in KwaZulu-Natal

Living with poverty, coping with shame

10/14/2008 | Panos London

Vivid and powerful personal testimonies deepen our understanding of poverty and motivate us to push for change, says Olivia Bennett.

TB remains a serious challenge among women

08/07/2008 | Phyllis Kachere

Cost, embarrassment, and family dynamics keep women away from health providers.

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