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Double stigma: tackling the TB and HIV taboo

07/22/2008 | Rose Tembo

Fear and falsehood about the causes of TB are rife. In Zambia it's a full-time job to set the story straight.

Survival is a human right – Ivy’s story

06/08/2008 | Panos London

In 2008 Panos London worked with the African HIV Policy Network (AHPN) to help people living with HIV and facing deportation from the UK to produce their own video stories about their lives and concerns. All the participants were at risk of being removed to their country of origin where treatment for HIV was not…

The land is ours!

04/17/2008 | Panos London

Women farmers have become a dominant force throughout India. Yet, as women in Narsenahalli village are discovering, the slow pace of land and property rights reform has failed to keep up.

AIDS memoirs

03/22/2008 | Panos London

The arrival of free antiretroviral drugs has transformed the situation in Kabuta village, Zambia. Through treatment, and the extraordinary strength and courage of individuals, this community has rediscovered hope.

Uganda’s battle to get pills to patients

07/02/2007 | Richard Kavuma

In Uganda donor money has secured HIV treatment for tens of thousands of people. But corruption has led to drug shortages while poverty and fear deter many from seeking treatment.

Desperate measures

03/30/2007 | Winnie Onyimbo

In countries where abortion is illegal, women continue to seek it out. The consequences can be devastating. Winnie Onyimbo reports from Nairobi on the effects of incomplete or unsafe abortions. 

Love is not evil

03/30/2007 | Panos London

In Uganda opinion is divided on whether to teach young people to abstain from sex or to give them contraceptive advice. Machrine Birungi visited a sexual health clinic for teenagers. 

Being a man in risky times

03/30/2007 | Panos London

Men are less likely to visit health providers than women and far less likely to seek diagnosis for sexually transmitted infections. Arnold Tutu investigates in Zambia.

Good choice: the right to sexual and reproductive health

03/30/2007 | Panos London

Access to sexual and reproductive health services is vital in preventing unnecessary  deaths of men and women. Yet around the world, governments and health organisations do not prioritise spending on these services.

Men welcome

03/30/2007 | Moslem Uddin Ahmed

Men have been sidelined from sexual and reproductive health services for decades. Is it time for them to take a more active role?

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