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Sex for shelter

12/21/2006 | Shehar Bano Khan

Sexual exploitation of girls is well documented but boys are often overlooked. In Pakistan, child rights workers fear rural poverty is pushing greater numbers of boys into selling their bodies.

AIDS widows: women who lose everything

04/03/2006 | John Kamau

Across Africa, the AIDS pandemic is creating chaos for hundreds of thousands of women forced to leave their land and homes when their husbands die.

Human dogs

07/14/2005 | Winnie Onyimbo

In Kenya's capital Nairobi, campaigners and police are advertising notorious danger spots on billboards. Will highlighting these 'rape red zones' make women safer or is there more to it? 

HIV, my mother and me

05/09/2005 | Panos London

Sofia and her daughter Regina live in Kenya's capital Nairobi. Does HIV in the family mean Regina misses out on her youth?

Face to face with HIV

02/15/2005 | Panos London

In Zambia many people who might have died without HIV medicine are feeling now enjoying free treatment. But drugs aren't always easy to accept, as Felix Mubanga told Pamela Mnyantha. 

A widow’s tale

02/10/2005 | Panos London

In Nepal Radhika Adhikary tells reporter Manisha Aryal about the hostility she suffered after her husband died of Aids, and about how she fought back. 

My life’s no sin

09/16/2004 | Panos London

Zuleka Abdalla lives in the Kenyan town of Mombasa. As well as attempting to "live positively" with HIV, Zuleka works with other Muslims to promote understanding of HIV and AIDS.  

Laws needed to boost Haiti’s fight against AIDS

07/05/2004 | Hugo Merveille

Political turmoil in Haiti has delayed an important parliamentary bill giving people living with HIV/AIDS new legal rights, a gap in Haiti's 'almost-successful' response to AIDS.

Saying ‘no’ to sex: a woman’s right

05/04/2004 | Jennifer Bakyawa

The Ugandan government wants everyone to ‘Abstain, Be faithful and use Condoms’. But this message can't get far when thousands of wives are being infected with HIV/AIDS by their husbands.

Untouchables in the world of IT

02/01/2004 | Gail Omvedt

The engine of India's new era of a dynamic and privatised economy is thought to be the information technology sector, where a revolution is taking place. But who is benefiting?

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