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13th February: what’s in a date?

02/13/2012 | Tim Williams

The location of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris - Tim Williams | Panos London

Tim Williams had the pleasure of voting through the proposal for World Radio Day at the UNESCO general conference. But who would have guessed that establishing a date would be such a diplomatic minefield?

Panos London challenges film students to amplify voices

01/27/2012 | Panos London

International Student Film Festival London

We’re launching a 72-hour challenge for five student filmmakers to create a 3 minute short film around marginalised voices.

Add Panos London to your circles on Google+

01/18/2012 | Rob Safar

Panos London on Google+

We’re happy to announce that you can now connect with Panos London on Google+ as another way of sharing and spreading voices that were once much quieter.

The art of film making

01/16/2012 | Tia Jeewa

Student Film Festival London 2012

Panos London is proud to be sponsoring the first International Student Film Festival. We’ll also be sponsoring an internship for one lucky student, mentoring them to use participatory communication methods to enhance their film making skills.

School’s irrigation is fighting hepatitis

01/11/2012 | Maimoona Shahzadi

Constructed wetland for bioremediation - Rina Saeed Khan | Panos London

The stagnant pool of water would last for days and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It was especially hazardous for the younger children and older guardians who came to drop and pick up the children. There had been instances when they would fall into the dirty water.

Community Media Forum Europe 2011

11/28/2011 | Tim Williams

The Home for Cooperation in Cyprus, inside the 'Dead Zone' - Tim Williams | Panos London

Tim Williams, Panos London’s senior advisor for Media, blogs following the first Community Media Forum Europe held in Cyprus. He believes that in our post Arab-spring, social-networked world, community media is now more relevant than ever.

Mobile phone links to violence against women

09/26/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

A woman using a mobile phone in her car.

The rise in popularity of mobile phones in Manipur has opened up new avenues of gender discrimination and violence against women.

Panos signs plea for internet freedom

05/26/2011 | Panos London

Graffiti in Tunis thanks the social network site Facebook for its help in realising a more democratic course in Tunisia

Panos London has signed a civil society statement asking G8 leaders to promote internet freedom, digital rights, and open communication.

Ghana: Taxation, what’s in it for me?

11/27/2009 | Isaac Tetteh

Ghana's government is keen to raise more income from tax. Over the past 30 years successive governments have tried to push through tax reforms but some have been violently opposed by the public, meaning the current government is taking a different approach.

It’s vital to make research public

12/04/2008 | Panos London

Research has much to say to the politicians and policy makers whose decisions affect our lives, according to Joanne Carpenter.

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