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A 21st century Chinese puzzle: how to hear a billion people

11/03/2004 | Lin Wei

The Chinese government has unveiled grand plans to take the telephone to every village by 2010. The majority already have fixed land-line telephones, but the cost of connecting the remaining ten per cent – most of them in remote areas – will be huge.

Texting takes off

05/19/2004 | Panos London

Sending a text message – or an SMS – has become a worldwide phenomenon. Jamhuri Mwavyombo meets some mobile devotees in the Kenyan cities of Mombasa and Nairobi. 

Telephone business upwardly mobile?

05/19/2004 | Panos London

The high cost of calls on mobiles leaves many in Uganda without the means to make a phone call. Christine Otieno goes to Kampala, Uganda's capital to find out why. 

Mobile Africa must not leave its villages behind

05/07/2004 | Murali Shanmugavelan

Africa is witnessing a revolution in information and communication technologies, but huge gaps remain. People in rural areas have been ignored, as have been the poor.

The difference a call makes

05/05/2004 | Panos London

Binu Alex travels to a village in Gujarat that has one phone between 700 people to hear what a difference a phone call can make. 

From guns to mobile phones in Sierra Leone

02/06/2004 | Bai-Bai Sesay

When the guns fell silent in Sierra Leone's 10-year-long civil war, few would have thought that the next big thing would be mobile phones.

Untouchables in the world of IT

02/01/2004 | Gail Omvedt

The engine of India's new era of a dynamic and privatised economy is thought to be the information technology sector, where a revolution is taking place. But who is benefiting?

How Kerala gave India its first e-literate district

11/20/2003 | Anand Parthasarathy

India's first district with a computer literate member in every family heralds a bottom-up approach to planning. Malappuram, in the state of Kerala has long been a model for people-centred development.

Mobile phones sound a hollow ring for rural Ugandans

10/22/2003 | Sharon Lamwaka

Uganda is often projected as a model for poor countries that want to use telecommunications to speed up their economic development. But the success story sounds hollow in Uganda's villages.

The phones keep ringing in Somalia

07/22/2003 | Panos London

Twelve years after the overthrow of the Siad Barre government there is no centralised government in Somalia, warlords remain unreconciled and poverty rules. But one thing seems to work – telephones.

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